14 advantages of PEEK

PEEK adhesive tape

14 advantages of PEEK

PEEK (polyetherketone) high performance polymer films offer a unique combination of properties such as high temperature performance, chemical, hydrolysis and wear resistance, electrical performance and mechanical properties. The composition and inherent purity of the polymers result in a low content of ionic extractables, low outgassing and extremely low smoke and toxic gas emissions. They are very stable and do not require any flame-retardant additives to achieve the V0 classification. PEEK films are FDA-compliant.

The following 14 advantageous properties can be summarized for PEEK films:

  • very high long-term temperature resistance (260 ° C)
  • excellent gliding ability
  • electrically insulating
  • sterilisierbar
  • resistant to numerous chemicals
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • very high creep and wear resistance
  • resistant to high-energy radiation
  • resistant to hydrolysis and hot steam
  • high toughness even in the cold
  • low outgassing in a vacuum
  • deep-drawable
  • easy to punch
  • easy to coat

Applications for PEEK-Folien

  • Medical technology
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Fuel cells
  • Electronic

PEEK films are used worldwide today in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, fiber optics, alternative energies and medicine. This film is considered to be one of the most powerful materials.

The aryl and ketone components of PEEK support its thermal stability both during processing in the melt and as finished parts. The electrical industry prefers PEEK because of the same properties that lead to high dielectric strength and insulating properties.

Aside from its ability to withstand harsh industrial chemical environments, PEEK’s chemical resistance also means it won’t react when used in the body. In addition, PEEK has many mechanical properties similar to those of bone. A final benefit of PEEK is that due to its robust mechanical properties and machinability, it can replace heavier metal parts in many applications where weight savings are critical. In its relatively short commercial life, PEEK has proven to be an incredibly valuable material that can be used in both the harshest and most sensitive environments.

Delivery options for PEEK

We supply PEEK as a film and parts made from it, as sheets, pipes and rods as well as adhesive tape. Our contributionPEEK adhesive tapes shows the possibilities



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