15 Properties of polyimide film, developers should know about


15 Properties of polyimide film, developers should know about

15 Properties of polyimide film, developers should know about

Polyimide films are used in the electrical/electronics industry for their heat resistance, low outgassing, radiation resistance and insulating properties in the form of light-brownish, semi-transparent films. High continuous operating temperatures of up to 230 °C and briefly up to 400 °C are possible.

Developers should be aware of the following 15 properties when considering the use of polyimide film:

  • Temperature resistance: can be used from -269 °C to +400 °C for short periods.
  • Permanent temperature resistance: can withstand temperatures up to +230 °C.
  • Flammability: is flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and only begins to char at 800 °C.
  • Melting point: has no melting point.
  • Chemical resistance: offers a high degree of chemical resistance; an organic solvent is not yet known.
  • Radiation resistance: has a high resistance to radioactive radiation.
  • Outgassing: low outgassing
  • no creep: does not tend to flow under pressure and temperature load
  • Deep-drawing capability: it is possible to produce deep-drawn parts
  • Coatability: can be coated with almost all adhesive and coating systems
  • Processability: can be cut and punched very well
  • Resistance to partial discharges: shows resistance to corona discharges (special type)
  • Thermal conductivity: is thermally conductive up to 0.8 W/mK (special type)
  • Thickness range: in thicknesses as film from 0.0075 to 0.50 mm possible
  • Colour options: amber, black, white and transparent

From the project sketch to the finished serial part made of polyimide film

Within the scope of product design, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers many possibilities and ideas to achieve improved production processes and optimum product quality.

From the first tool-less sample production to series production, experienced application engineers and specialists are available in the production of stamped parts made of polyimide film.

In the area of prototype production, state-of-the-art laser cutting machines, knife cutting machines and water jet cutting technology are available. In addition, first samples can also be produced on the CNC machining centres.

In the area of series production in the manufacture of punched parts from polyimide film, the most modern automatic punching machines, rotary punching machines, eccentric presses and manual punching machines are used.

The cutting department is also equipped with the most modern Kampf roll cutting machines and with CMC Cevenini tape cutting machines. The cutting of polyimide film is no problem.




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