3D parts made of Pertinax


3D parts made of Pertinax

Pertinax made to measure

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH offers the possibility to enter and order cutting dimensions for Pertinax under www.muellerbestellung.de.

The material Pertinax is popular: 3D printers use it – with a self-adhesive finish – as a printing bed in their printers. Electrical engineers use it as an inexpensive insulating material.

Many electrical engineers think of Pertinax as their material of choice when it comes to solving insulation tasks. Pertinax is often used as an air gap in the field of transformer construction.

In electrical machine construction, Pertinax is used as material for brush holders. In model making Pertinax is used to produce holding plates or similar. In mechanical engineering Pertinax is used to produce adapter plates or base plates.
3D printers use the material in their printers as a printing bed.

Pertinax is a versatile material due to its properties, which can be used in the most diverse areas.

Pertinax Machining

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH produces a multitude of different drawing parts from Pertinax. Pertinax is punched on eccentric presses.

3D parts made of Pertinax are milled on CNC machining centers. In the field of model making, Pertinax is processed with normal woodworking machines.

Pertinax in the Online-Shop

Cuts from Pertinax can be easily ordered in the online shop of Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH.

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