3M TufQuin

3M TufQuin flexible Isolationspapiere

3MTM TufQUIN®-Application areas

Name many electrical engineers 3MTMTufQUIN® as your material of choice when it comes to solving insulation tasks. In the field of transformer construction, 3MTM TufQUIN® is often used as layer insulation. 3M is coming in electrical engineeringTM TufQUIN®as a material for the manufacture of Cover slides and slot insulation are used. 3MTM TufQUIN® its properties make it a versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of areas.

3MTM TufQUIN®-Delivery forms

3MTM TufQUIN®is supplied in the form of rolls and tapes that can be further processed into ready-to-install parts.3MTM TufQUIN® is also supplied in the form of caps.

3MTM TufQUIN®-Editing

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH manufactures from 3MTM TufQUIN® a variety of different drawing parts. 3MTM TufQUIN® is punched on eccentric presses.

Bonding of 3MTM TufQUIN®

3MTM TufQUIN® can be glued with a variety of adhesives. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the most suitable adhesive for your application.

Dr. Müller as a contact for 3MTM TufQUIN®Parts

When it comes to 3MTM TufQUIN® we are the right contact. You can use 3MTM TufQUIN® to buy from us in various forms.

We carry 3MTM TufQUIN® in different strengths.

3MTM TufQUIN® in different colors

By default, 3MTM TufQUIN® is made in the color natural. Other colors can be achieved by painting or painting. Achieve printing.

3MTM TufQUIN®-Sampling

For sampling, you can use small sections from 3MTM TufQUIN® received from us for free. Bigger 3MTM TufQUIN®– We carry out samples for a fee, write this 3M to your TM TufQUIN® then fine again later when you have 3MTM TufQUIN®-Buy parts from us.

3MTM TufQUIN®-Data Sheets

Data sheets for the material 3MTM TufQUIN® can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF symbols. Here you can find the characteristics of the material, such as the temperature resistance or the chemical resistance as well as the dielectric strength.

Technical application advice for 3MTM TufQUIN®

Should you have data on the 3MTM TufQUIN® need that you cannot find in the data sheets, our application engineering team will be happy to advise you.