5 different black technical films

black technical films

5 different black technical films

Due to various technical requirements, it happens that customers want to use a black film in the production of devices for optical reasons.

In our delivery range there are the following black technical films:

  • Black polypropylene film
  • Black polycarbonate film
  • Black polyester film
  • Black polyimide film
  • Black polyetherimide film

Black polypropylene film

This is a black, flame-retardant polypropylene film that is characterized by very good dielectric strength while meeting the UL94 V0 fire protection class.
Due to the easy formability of the film, it is possible to enclose the entire electronics with a folded die-cut. This can also serve as protection against contact with live parts. As a die-cut part, black polypropylene film is characterized by the following properties:

  • good foldability
  • good punchability
  • high dimensional stability
  • very good dielectric strength
  • fire protection class UL94 V0
  • compliance with various standard requirements (including IEC950/EN60950 and UL1959 )
  • wide thickness range
  • good tracking resistance

Black polypropylene film is used in the insulation of batteries in battery packs, in the insulation of computer housings, and in optical applications as a light-tight cover. When laminated with copper foil or aluminum foil, for example, this black film can also be used as EMI/EMC shielding.

Black Polycarbonate Film

Black polycarbonate film is a black flame retardant polycarbonate film with a fine matte finish on one side and a UL94 V-0 listing at 0.250 mm. This film has the following properties:

  • good formability
  • good punchability
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • good dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • high flammability rating,

making it well suited for applications such as power supply insulation, hard disk drive insulation, bus bar insulation, TV/monitor insulation, PC panel insulation, business equipment insulation, and provides insulation and EMI/RFI shielding when laminated with a metal foil.

Black polyester film

Black polyester films made from biaxially oriented polyester (boPET) are not only visually appealing, but also offer the highest optical densities.

The following properties characterize these films:

  • good die-cutting properties
  • good mechanical properties
  • different optical densities
  • FDA-compliant

These grades are further differentiated by additional properties such as reduced flammability or a white surface. Black polyester film is used in the following applications: solar and privacy applications/blinds, pop-ups, electronic displays, adhesive tapes, electrical insulation applications, building elements, furniture surfaces.

Black polyester films are available with different optical densities and various flammability levels. In addition, these films can also come into contact with food in accordance with EU legislation as well as FDA regulations.

Black Polyimide Film

Black polyimide film exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range, with excellent dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

Black polyimide film has the following properties:

  • good punchability
  • high temperature resistance
  • insulating or conductive

These properties make it ideal for use in many industrial applications where opacity, low reflectivity or aesthetics are required. Black polyimide films can also be loaded with conductive carbons to create films with a surface resistance that makes them electrically conductive or static dissipative. Ideal for ESD or anti-static applications. The resistance property extends throughout the mass of the film, so it cannot be torn, abraded or otherwise easily damaged as is often the case with surface coatings or metallizations.

Black Polyetherimide Film

Black polyetherimide film is a high performance thermoplastic polyetherimide material. The combination of high temperature resistance, flame resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent dielectric properties make black polyetherimide film a good candidate for a wide range of electrical and electronic applications. PEI film products are thermoformable and can be welded to a wide variety of materials.

The following properties distinguish black polyetherimide films:

  • good punchability
  • high temperature resistance
  • flame resistance
  • low moisture absorption
  • excellent dielectric properties

Recently, black PEI film is increasingly used as a printing bed in 3D printing.

Processing of black technical films

Stampings or molded parts can be made from these black technical films. In addition, these black films can be coated with various processes. We can supply the films coated with rubber adhesive, acrylate adhesive and silicone adhesive.


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