5 industries that rely on polyimide film

polyimide film

5 industries that rely on polyimide film

Films play an increasingly important role in the industry. Polyimide film is one of the most popular films because of its special property profile, and is used in a wide range of industries:

5 industries are listed below for which the material is relevant:

1. polyimide film in the electronics industry

Due to its electrical insulation capability and temperature stability, polyimide film has long served a useful purpose in electronics manufacturing. The film typically acts as an insulating and protective layer on electrostatically sensitive and fragile components. Its protective effect is available throughout the production process of electronic products and is often still present in the final consumer product. Almost everyone has polyimide film in their cell phone.

2. polyimide film in the electric motor industry (production and repair)

The insulation strength and high-temperature resistance of polyimide film makes it a popular material in the manufacture of traction machines used in the transportation industry. Polyimide film is also frequently used in laminates for traction machines.

3. polyimide film in the medical industry

Polyimide film is a popular material of choice for windows of all kinds on X-ray sources – synchrotron beamlines, X-ray tubes and X-ray detectors, to name but a few. The mechanical and thermal stability of the material and its high permeability to X-rays make it an ideal material for X-ray technology. As an added bonus, it is also quite insensitive to radiation damage. Wound tubes made of polyimide film are also used in medical technology.

4. polyimide film as a printing bed in the 3D printing industry

Polyimide film is also used in 3D printing: Polyimide film and ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) bond and adhere very effectively to each other. This relationship between the materials has led to the widespread use of polyimide film as a building surface for 3D printing machines. The process is simple: polyimide film is placed on a flat surface and ABS is extruded onto the surface. The result is that the ABS part to be printed does not separate from the build structure as it cools and shrinks (eliminating a common cause of print defects in the industry). We manufacture 3D printing plates from polyimide film up to 0.5 mm thick. Maximum bed size is 1500 x 1500 mm (depends on thickness).

5. polyimide film in the aerospace and aircraft industry

Polyimide film insulated electrical cables have long been used in civil and military aircraft. The lightweight construction of the film offers a desired advantage over other insulators relevant to the aircraft industry. Polyimide film also has a long tradition in the aerospace industry and in NASA programs – it often serves as a key component in insulation systems designed to protect spacecraft during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Polyimide film is also used in the field of solar sails.


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