Activities against Corona


Activities against Corona

Our company took an active part in the fight against Corona. Of course, we have developed our hygiene concept that is based on the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health and the RKI.

However, it was clear early on that we also wanted to use our skills in manufacturing and logistics to make contributions:

We have developed the following activities in the individual areas:

Converting plant: nonwovens as wages

In the Converting plant in Durmersheim, large quantities of meltblown nonwovens and stackable nonwovens are made up according to the specifications of the new mask manufacturer. In some cases, multi-layer structures are cut and made available to customers. Nonwovens are processed by all major manufacturers. In the course of increasing demand, the machine inventory was increased by two roll cutting machines.

Flexibles factory: face visors, 3D printing and valves

In the Flexibles plant, a face visor was developed as part of a research project and also led to the corresponding certification. For many other manufacturers of visors, we have punched the actual foils and supported them with the corresponding certifications.

In the 3D printing department, we printed up to 500 face visor mounts per day and completed and delivered them with the foils and cut rubber strands punched in the punching department.

We have delivered pre-assembled valves for manufacturers of masks. Here we obtained injection molded parts and punched the valve diaphragms ourselves.

Composites plant: partitions

The main focus of the Composites plant is to manufacture partition walls from transparent plastics for retail, schools and restaurants. Many standard versions were delivered, but we also made many custom-made products.

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