APTIV® film withstands extreme conditions


APTIV® film withstands extreme conditions

Ahlhorn | 13.01.2013

In the aviation, aerospace and fuel cell industries, harsh environmental conditions are placing ever increasing demands on filter media.
APTIV films offer solutions in a combination of different properties, including resistance to aggressive substances at extremely high temperatures as well as very good mechanical properties.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies die-cuts, shaped parts and adhesive tapes made from the APTIV films.

Victrex APTIV films with a unique combination of properties offer engineers and designers completely new solutions for high-performance applications. This extremely versatile thermoplastic film is already used in numerous demanding applications in a wide range of sectors and markets, such as electronics, acoustics, aerospace, automotive, industrial, oil and gas, and chemical.

APTIV films are made from VICTREX® PEEK polymer and offer all the properties of VICTREX® PEEK polymer in a flexible form. APTIV films are an absolute technology marvel for processors, designers and end users, providing a high-performance solution that meets demands for reduced system costs and improved product performance, including durability, reliability, miniaturization and increased functionality. The greater design freedom and ease of post-processing of APTIV films help customers and end users improve their products and differentiate them in the marketplace.

Victrex APTIV films are produced in one of the world’s most technically advanced film extrusion facilities. As part of a fully integrated supply chain for VICTREX® PEEKTM polymer, this new facility is dedicated exclusively to the production of APTIV film, ensuring superior film quality, short lead times and product flexibility.

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