Aptiv films available as a new high-performance material

APTIV films as a new high performance materials available

Aptiv films available as a new high-performance material

Ahlhorn | Hofheim | 24.06.2011

Victrex APTIVTM films with a unique combination of properties offer engineers and designers completely new solutions for high-performance applications. The extremely versatile thermoplastic film is already used in numerous demanding applications in a wide variety of areas and markets, such as electronics, acoustics, aerospace, automotive, industry, oil and gas, chemical industry.


APTIVTM Foils are made from VICTREX® PEEKTM Polymer manufactured and have all VICTREX in a flexible form® PEEKTM Polymer properties. APTIVTM Insulation foils are an absolute technological miracle for processors, designers, and end-users and a high-performance solution that meets requirements for reduced system costs and higher product performance, such as longevity, reliability, miniaturization, and higher functionality. The greater freedom of design and the ease with which the APTIV can be reworkedTM – Films contribute to product improvement and market differentiation for customers and end-users.

APTIVTM Victrex films are manufactured in one of the most technologically advanced film extrusion lines in the world. As part of the fully integrated supply chain for VICTREX® PEEKTM Polymer, this new facility is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of APTIVTM-Films matched and thus guarantees a very good film quality with short delivery times and high product flexibility.

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