Battery separator films: Contract cutting also possible here

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

Battery separator films: Contract cutting also possible here

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, | 12.11.2019

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH also cuts battery separator films on a contract basis at the Ahlhorn and Durmersheim sites.

Everything about contract cutting:
Paper, films and fleece are processed according to customer requirements

The experienced professionals also enable a comprehensive range of services in terms of
Contract cutting of battery separator films .

All roll or sheet material is cut to size, according to customer requirements or specific needs. If you are interested in high-performance contract cutting manufacturers, you will not be able to avoid the specialised film cutting company from Baden-Württemberg, as they consistently use state-of-the-art technology.

Various modern cutting and winding techniques ensure precise work results that leave nothing to be desired by the customer. The company’s philosophy is characterised by a truly precise sense of consistently high quality, because every millimetre counts when it comes to contract cutting of battery separator films.

In addition to comprehensive service, customers enjoy great flexibility in the individual implementation of orders. A highly economical mode of operation, through the efficient use of resources in combination with state-of-the-art technology, ensures an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Highest precision in contract cutting of battery separator films:
Battery separator foils are cut exactly into shape

Even if groundbreaking technology is required to precisely process battery separator films in contract cutting, the highly qualified and committed employees have been the guarantee for a high level of customer satisfaction for years.

A powerful and always ready to use machine park sets efficiency standards, an optimal organisation of internal processes ensures that customers benefit from short or guaranteed delivery times.

In high-precision contract cutting, battery separator film production embodies only one side of the quality promise. The experts at Müller GmbH also set standards in the film cutting business in terms of packaging, whereby individual and customized solutions are used. Above all, transport safety plays a major role in daily practice.

Cutting battery separator films and more:
Customers expect a truly streamlined range of services

Well-known film manufacturers from Asia and Europe trust the specialist company presented here. In addition, many processing companies use the services of the specialist company to cut paper or film into the desired shape during contract cutting.

Customers can fall back on a wide range of applications, because the branches represented include, for example, the food industry, the automotive industry, manufacturers of hygiene articles and office utensils as well as companies in the packaging industry and the advertising sector.

This results in a wealth of experience with which films of the most varied properties can be produced for very specific purposes in high-precision contract cutting. Standstill means regression: As customers in the field of high-performance technologies (aerospace and automotive industry) depend on predictable precision, we consistently invest in pioneering technology and in the further training of our skilled staff.

Cutting tolerances can be reduced to a minimum by using modern machines and highly efficient techniques. Yields and economic efficiency are increased, as generally only a very small edge trim is to be expected. From the customer’s point of view it is a great advantage that the loss of goods is kept within narrow limits.

Various techniques for contract cutting:
Battery separator films are treated according to requirements

In the so-called slitting of roll goods, edge strips are cut off and the web is divided into numerous individual webs. Original rolls are processed into finished rolls that are smaller or narrower exactly as specified.

Within the scope of this process, basically almost all materials that are produced on rolls can be processed. Cross cutting is the process of cutting a roll into a sheet or specific format.

Stack cutting is another option for contract cutting from sheet to sheet. Here, too, the experts can consider almost all common materials.

Customers enjoy a high degree of flexibility in contract cutting, not only with regard to the techniques involved: Films, nonwovens, laminates, paper, various industrial materials as well as technical textiles can be cut precisely.

Service and attractive offers are also tailored to measure
Customers can also look forward to reliability in customer service, where no cutbacks are to be expected.

Personal expert advice ensures that customers are informed from the outset about all the options and the advantages of the various techniques for contract cutting of paper and Co. This is intended to create trust and transparency at eye level right from the start.

Even though this is a complex issue characterized by precision, the human factor plays a key role in a convincing service experience.

In this respect, a perfectly tailored offer can be the first step towards a productive and mutually profitable cooperation that is consistently geared towards sustainability.

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