Bergquist thermal management materials

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Bergquist thermal management materials

Thermal management materials from Berquist

For over 50 years, Bergquist brand products have been the world’s most trusted thermal management materials. Multiple award-winning formulations in a variety of media provide the necessary heat dissipation for applications in numerous markets, including automotive, consumer, telecom/datacom, power and industrial automation, computing, communications and many others.

As electronic systems integrate more functions into increasingly sophisticated, complex designs and more compact footprints, efficient thermal control is necessary to maximize performance and limit heat-related failures.

Henkel’s Bergquist thermal management materials, including gap pads, gap fillers, SIL PADs, phase change materials, microTIMs, LIQUI FORM products and thermal adhesives, address today’s toughest thermal control challenges.

Across all market sectors and applications, higher power, larger features, smaller footprints and higher power densities are driving the need for more effective heat dissipation solutions. Whether automotive batteries, motor drives and power electronics, or optical modules in modern hyperscale data centers, thermal control is critical for optimal, reliable operation.

When it comes to thermal interface materials and thermal control, Bergquist is among the most trusted brands on the market.

Get to know the wide portfolio and find the right solution for your application. We use Bergquist materials to produce ready-to-install stampings, tapes as well as molded parts.


There are two types of Sil Pads: 1. electrically insulating thin heat conducting foils and 2. non-electrically insulating thin heat conducting foils.

BERGQUIST SIL PAD: Electrically insulating thin pads

The thermally conductive insulating pads are a clean and effective alternative to mica, ceramics or greases for a wide variety of electronics applications. They provide excellent thermal conductivity, are more durable than mica, cleaner to process than thermal pastes, and extremely cost effective.

BERGQUIST SIL PAD: Non-electrically insulating thin pads.

These materials are designed for applications where maximum heat transfer is needed, but electrical insulation is not required. This makes SIL PAD the ideal thermal material to replace thermal conductive pastes.

Stamped parts made from SIL PAD

We manufacture stamped parts and strips from Silpad materials.

We supply the following SIL PAD materials:

  • Sil-Pad 1100ST (Soft Tack)
  • Sil-Pad 1200
  • Sil-Pad 1500ST (Soft Tack)
  • Sil-Pad 2000
  • Sil-Pad 400
  • Sil-Pad 800
  • Sil-Pad 900S
  • Sil-Pad 980
  • Sil-Pad A1500
  • Sil-Pad A2000
  • Sil-Pad K-10
  • Sil-Pad K-4
  • Sil-Pad K-6

BERGQUIST BOND-PLY adhesive tapes

BOND-PLY adhesive tapes are equipped with pressure-sensitive adhesives or can be laminated. They are thermally conductive and at the same time electrically insulating. BOND-PLY enables thermal and mechanical bonding of components with different expansion coefficients.

We supply the following BOND-PLY products:

  • Bond-Ply 100
  • Bond-Ply 400
  • Bond-Ply 660P
  • Bond-Ply 800
  • Bond-Ply LMS-HD

Die-cut parts from Bond-Ply adhesive tapes

We produce stamped parts and tapes from BOND-PLY adhesive tapes.


GAP FILLER is supplied as a one- or two-component component, room or high-temperature curing system. The result is a soft, thermally conductive, form-in-place elastomer ideal for bonding electronic components on printed circuit boards to an adjacent metal housing or heat sink. Because Gap Filler is dispensed and wetted in a liquid state, the material creates virtually no stress on components during the assembly process.

We supply the following Gap Fillers:

  • Gap Filler 1000
  • Gap Filler 1000SR
  • Gap Filler 1100SF
  • Gap Filler 1400SL
  • Gap Filler 1500
  • Gap Filler 1500LV
  • Gap Filler 2000
  • Gap Filler 3500LV
  • Gap Filler 3500S35
  • Gap Filler 4000


GAP PADs provide effective thermal conduction and compensate for uneven surfaces, air gaps and surface roughness between heat sinks and electronic components. They provide high conformance to reduce contact resistance. GAP PADs reduce stress on electrical connections, dampen vibration and are compatible with automatic dispensing systems.

We supply the following Gap Pads:

  • Gap Pad 1000HD
  • Gap Pad 1000SF
  • Gap Pad 1450
  • Gap Pad 1500
  • Gap Pad 1500R
  • Gap Pad 1500S30
  • Gap Pad 2000S40
  • Gap Pad 2200SF
  • Gap Pad 2202SF
  • Gap Pad 2500S20
  • Gap Pad 3000S30
  • Gap Pad 3004SF
  • Gap Pad 3500ULM
  • Gap Pad 5000S35
  • Gap Pad A2000
  • Gap Pad A3000
  • Gap Pad EMI 1.0
  • Gap Pad HC 3.0
  • Gap Pad HC 5.0
  • Gap Pad HC1000
  • Gap Pad VO
  • Gap Pad VO Soft
  • Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft
  • Gap Pad VO Ultra Soft Black

Finished parts from GAP Pads

We process GAP pads on our plotters and punching machines to produce ready-to-install parts. These can be supplied as individual parts or on rolls.


HI-FLOW phase change materials are an optimal replacement for thermal conductive pastes as a thermal interface between a CPU or power component and a heat sink. The material changes from a solid to a viscous liquid at certain phase change temperatures to ensure complete wetting.

We supply the following Hi-Flow products:

  • Hi-Flow 105
  • Hi-Flow 225F-AC
  • Hi-Flow 225U
  • Hi-Flow 225UT
  • Hi-Flow 300G
  • Hi-Flow 300P
  • Hi-Flow 565U
    Hi-Flow 565UT
  • Hi-Flow 625
  • Hi-Flow 650P

Finished parts from HI-FLOW pads

We process GAP pads on our plotters and punching machines into ready-to-install parts. These can be supplied as individual parts or on rolls.

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