Coilwinding Berlin: also attending this year

Coilwinding Berlin & Dr. Dietrich Müller: also attending this year

Coilwinding Berlin: also attending this year

Ahlhorn | May 19th, 2014

The Dr D. Müller GmbH also attends at the international Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing fair which takes place in Berlin from June 24th to 26th 2014.

Dr D. Müller GmbH introduces the product range for flexible and fixed electrical insulating materials, e.g. brands like Nomex or which are processed to die-cut and formed parts. Complex parts are manufactured on latest CNC machines; these can be used for electric machine construction, in manufacture of generators and transformers. The Ahlhorner company also scores in other areas, many parts are processed with laser, treated with heat or are manufactured with deep drawing.

Although Dr D. Müller GmbH always wants to improve by innovations and product development and –launching as well as logistics- and packaging solutions, it also focuses on communication and relationship to and with customers because of that different employees from different departments like quality management, production and order processing attend at the fair.

These employees offer extensive advice and answers to questions, furthermore you can get detailed information to the production processes or recommendation for different materials. Since more than 35 years the Dr D. Müller GmbH provides a wide product range of electrical insulating materials, thermally conductive products, gaskets and technical films. The company offers technical solutions to the visitors of the international event to improve the performance of the end product or the opportunity to meet the employees and the company in general and to learn something about the different products.

In addition to the materials which are well-known in the electrical industry, the Dr D. Müller GmbH introduces the extended offer of ArpaxX aramid papers. Among the already known L, N and S models, the company presents the T model on the fair. It combines the successful properties of the ArpaxX N model with the favourable price of the L model.

The Dr D. Müller GmbH recommends visiting this great event which takes place since 1996. In the end the CWIEME 2014 is more than just an excellent opportunity for companies in the energy industry to communicate with each other, it also offers the facility to inform and get to know the company and latest progress and developments for products, technology and service in this sector.

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