Delivery situation Japan

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Delivery situation Japan

Ahlhorn | 06.04.2011

As a result of thedramatic eventsinJapan andthepotential effectsconcerning thesupplyofmaterials, we decidedtoexamine the supply security of oursuppliers. And in conclusion wedo not expect anysupplyproblems.

As a result of the dramatic events in Japan and the potential effects concerning the supply of materials, we decidedto examine the supply security of our suppliers. And in conclusion we do not expect any supply problems.

Electrical Insulation Materials

The supply ofTeonex Q51 is covered by our partners’ stocks. Alternatively, we could offer you PEN films from other manufacturers. With regard to Nomex® products, which are also produced in Japan, our partners could also provide us with them. There is also the possibility, to obtain the aramid paper from the DuPont´s manufacturing plant located in the United States.

Thermally Conductive Products

Our Thermally Conductive Products (thermal pastes, pads, films and compounds) are produced in our own factories. Materials from Japan are not used.


Our gasket materials are supplied mainly by the company Temac, no materials from Japan are used.

Technical Films

The technical films which we distribute are not extruded or cast in Japan.

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