Die-cut parts from Formex and Statex foils

Stanzteile aus Formex- und Statex-Folien

Die-cut parts from Formex and Statex foils

Ahlhorn | 26.01.2011

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH has expanded its range of materials to include Formex and Statex films from ITW Formex.

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH, the leading converter of electrical insulation materials, heat-conducting products, seals, and technical foils, has its range of materials around the Formex and Statex films of the company ITW Formex expanded.

FORMEX is a flame-retardant material with a relatively low specific weight. It is used to replace various insulating materials made of plastic foils or laminates. Three-dimensional parts can be made very easily by folding and bending.

All FORMEX materials are self-extinguishing according to UL 94 V-0 (VTM-0 for thinner materials) and are UL-listed under the number E121855.

The material is suitable for use in devices that must meet UL 746C.

The standard types FORMEX-GK are available in thicknesses from 0.127 mm to 3.2 mm. They are temperature resistant in a range from 40 ° C to 115 ° C. All types of Formex films meet the EU requirements of RoHS and WEEE.

High dielectric strength (e.g. 24.8 kV with a material thickness of 0.43 mm) and low moisture absorption lead to high-quality, dimensionally stable insulation for a large number of applications in the electrical and electronics sector and in energy distribution.

Processing of Formex

FORMEX -Materials are easier to process than other flame-retardant materials. They are very suitable for constructions with folding or bending edges, also in self-adhesive design. As a result, they enable a large number of three-dimensional parts that can often replace heavier metal constructions or expensive injection-molded parts at low cost.

Computer technology, monitors, printers, peripheral devices, consumer electronics

  • laminated together with metal foil as EMC / EMI shielding
  • in black version also as a light-tight cover for housing slots
  • Isolation between motherboard and metal housing
  • Isolation between expansion cards
  • Printed with connection instructions

Formex in lighting applications

  • various applications as insulation punched parts in emergency lighting, signs and street lighting
  • Lampshades

Formex in washing machines, refrigerators, dryers etc.

  • as a protective film for the electronics
  • as protection against accidental contact with live parts
  • as a barrier film against water vapor
  • as a splash guard

Formex in power distribution

  • Isolation in devices such as overcurrent switches, consumption meters, switch cabinets, measuring devices and switch housings
  • Use as isolation between ground and operating voltage.

Formex in bus bar applications

  • Use as insulation between live parts,
    as a cover for unused connections.

Statex foils

FORMEX qualities are available under the name STATEX, which are antistatic on one side and are used, for example, in ESD applications.

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