Die-cut parts made from adhesive tapes

Formstanzteile aus Klebebändern

Die-cut parts made from adhesive tapes

Ahlhorn | 10.11.2010

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies a wide range of punched and molded parts made from adhesive tapes for various branches of industry.

We use the following processing techniques to process adhesive tapes into insulating parts, among others:


Cut for further processing on punching machines or for direct delivery in roll form to customers.

Rotary punching (rotary punching)

For punching a wide variety of shapes in large numbers on rolls. The rotary punching machine is also suitable for laminating a wide variety of materials.

Flat punching (stroke punching)

For punching simple and complex shapes in small quantities on rolls or bulk goods.

Laser cutting
For tool-free punching of molded and insulating parts on rolls or as bulk goods. Finest punching options, ideal for complex molded parts.


Individual areas can be made adhesive-free by printing.

Bonding on a subcontracted basis

We offer you a full service for all applications – from the selection of the suitable adhesive product to the fully bonded part.

Polyimide film| Apical | Norton TH | Flexiso, Mylar, Nomex, and ArpaxX are some of the materials that are used as the base material.

We supply the following types of adhesive tape:

Double-sided adhesive tapes with backing

Ideal for joining, assembling and laminating a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper or ceramics. Depending on the application, papers, fleeces or foils are used as carriers. Our standard products are the product transfer adhesive tape SP 61321, which is used for a variety of applications.

Single sided adhesive tapes

We offer an extensive range of adhesive tapes based on rubber, acrylate and silicone. These are available with paper, PVC, polyester-, Nomex–, PTFE-, metal, fabric and Polyurethane-Carrier.

Thermally and electrically conductive adhesive tapes

Due to the increasing miniaturization of technical devices and the increasing use of electrical components, efficient thermal management is becoming more and more important. Our product range of MT adhesive tapes as well as the Thermiflex ranges can be used here.

We have already produced the following application examples:

SP 61321 and Poron foam

Use: Bonding of LCD covers

SP 61321

Use: gluing lenses

SP 61321 und Poron

Use: Bonding of housing parts

SP 61321 und Nomex 410

Use: self-adhesive phase insulation

SP 61509

Use: Production of a laminate with copper for shielding

SP 61309

Use: end winding insulation

SP 61500

Use: Stamped parts for the isolation and fastening of electrolytic capacitors

SP 61540

Use: Stamped parts for covering during reflow soldering

Tape dispenser

We supply different tape dispensers:

  • Disposable dispensers
  • Packing tape dispenser
  • Table dispenser
  • Semi-automatic tabletop device for dispensing
  • Electronic tape dispenser
    – with length presetting, cuts according to the entered amount
  • Point dispenser
    – semi-automatic table-top device for applying our adhesive dots
  • We help you with the individual product design!
  • We refine your Adhesive tapes according to your specifications!
  • You provide the material, we take care of the perfect assembly.
  • Stamped parts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, laminating or wrapping.
  • We will help you quickly, reliably and confidentially.
  • Just talk to us about it, we will be happy to advise you.

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