Nomex parts in self-adhesive version.

Nomex parts in self-adhesive version.

Nomex parts in self-adhesive version.

Ahlhorn | 04.03.2011

Stamped and moulded parts of the DuPont Nomex® aramid paper of the types 410, 411 and 414 are used in many areas of the electrical and electronic industries.

The paper is installed in enclosures or used as insulation in transformers as an insulation layer.

In many cases, the parts have liquid adhesives, adhesive tapes and transfer adhesives applied to them by production workers to complete the insulation work.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is one of the leading converters of Nomex®, Mylar®, Ultem®, Norton TH®, Pertinax®, Hostaphan® and Lexan® and is able to supply even the most complex forms and stamped self-adhesive parts to optimise the manufacturing process of industrial products.

Parts, made of Nomex®, which are already self-adhesive, simplify the assembly process in the production lines and thus save costs.

The adhesive films that are used can have different insulation classes, materials such as silicone, rubber and adhesive acrylate are possible to use.

About Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

The company Dr. Dietrich Müller has positioned itself and built a reputation as a worldwide manufacturer of electrical insulating materials, thermally conductive products, gaskets and technical films. Our customers come from almost all areas of manufacturing.

Our traditional markets have been for decades the electrical and electronics industries, the household appliance manufacturers, the automotive industry and the aerospace technology.

The company pays particular attention to the solar industry, and the emerging electric vehicles, where Dr. Dietrich Müller has projects with leading suppliers and automotive manufacturers.

As a company we carry out a special responsibility for the integration of quality, product safety, working safety and environment protection.

Our Credo is: Only if you have visions for today, are you capable of enhancing tomorrow´s markets.

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