New high-performance thermal pad from Henkel with a thermal conductivity of 18 W/mK


New high-performance thermal pad from Henkel with a thermal conductivity of 18 W/mK

News from the world of thermal management: Bergquist presents groundbreaking high-performance thermal pad Bergquist TGP 18000SF with a thermal conductivity of 18 W/mK

Bergquist, a leading provider of thermal management solutions, recently introduced a product that has the potential to revolutionize the industry: the Bergquist TGP 18000SF Thermal Pad. With an impressive thermal conductivity of 18 W/mK according to ASTM D5470 and the suffix “SF” for “Silicone Free”, this product offers a number of features that set it apart from other pads available on the market.

Silicone-free for improved applications in sensitive environments

The silicone-free nature of the Bergquist TGP 18000SF is a notable feature that makes it a preferred choice in industries such as electronics, aerospace and automotive. Silicone can cause problems in certain applications, particularly where clear visibility is required. By eliminating silicone migration or bleeding, the Bergquist TGP 18000SF provides a reliable solution for applications where clear visibility is critical.

Electrical insulation for wide range of applications

In addition, the Bergquist TGP 18000SF is electrically insulating, which further increases its application possibilities. Before its introduction, a thermal conductivity of 12 W/mK was the maximum offered by Bergquist. This highlights the groundbreaking advances achieved with the Bergquist TGP 18000SF and the new opportunities it opens up for innovative thermal solutions.

Printing requirements and availability

However, it should be noted that the Bergquist TGP 18000SF requires a little more pressure compared to traditional thermal pads. While many pads are designed to work with low pressure to smooth out bumps, the Bergquist TGP 18000SF achieves its performance through a tighter fit that requires higher contact pressure. This aspect must be taken into account when selecting and using the product, especially when designing heat dissipation systems.

The Bergquist TGP 18000SF is available in a variety of thicknesses from 0,5mm to 3,175mm and can be supplied with or without adhesive. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications where efficient heat dissipation is required.

Manufacture of precision parts by plotting and stamping

The impressive properties of Bergquist TGP 18000SF make it an excellent material for producing precision parts for thermal management applications.

Plotting for customized solutions

Plotting allows complex designs to be transferred onto the material to produce customized thermal pads for specific applications. This enables precise adaptation to the geometry of the component to be cooled and improved heat transfer.

Punching for rapid mass production

Punching is another efficient method for producing precision parts from the Bergquist TGP 18000SF. Punching can be used to cut precise contours and shapes from the material to create perfectly fitting pads for various assemblies. This method is particularly suitable for the mass production of thermal pads as it enables quick and cost-effective production.

flexibility and adaptability

The availability of the Bergquist TGP 18000SF in various thicknesses and with or without adhesive provides additional flexibility when producing precision parts. Depending on the requirements of a particular application, the thickness and adhesive option can be adjusted to achieve the best possible performance.

Overall, using the Bergquist TGP 18000SF to produce precision parts through plotting and stamping opens up a variety of possibilities to develop customized solutions for various thermal management applications. With its outstanding thermal and electrical properties, this material provides a solid foundation for the production of high-quality, high-performance precision parts.

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