Electromobility in Germany is being further expanded

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Electromobility in Germany is being further expanded

Ahlhorn | 01.12.2020

German companies are further expanding their dominance in the field of electric vehicles. In 2019, over 400,000 electric cars were built in Germany. In 2021, 1.7 million electric cars will be produced. According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), customers in Germany have access to around 70 models from German manufacturers. With foreign car manufacturers, there are a total of about 140 different models.

According to the Electrical Vehicle Index of the consulting agency McKinsey, German car manufacturers will be the world market leaders in the field of e-cars and plug-in hybrids in 2020. This would make them overtake the current number one China.

The market for combustion engines is shrinking

The shrinking market development for combustion engines in China is currently having a negative impact on established suppliers in Germany. Although sales figures in the EU rose again in October, sales figures in the Chinese market are declining. Automotive suppliers in Germany are therefore planning to cut jobs and restructure the group.

While on the one hand profits are falling away, on the other hand companies have to invest in alternative drive systems. Tesla, Chinese and Japanese manufacturers, however, have started to invest in hybrid and electric cars much earlier. It was not until the diesel crisis that German automakers moved towards alternative drive systems.

The market for electric cars at a glance

With around 1.2 million electric cars sold in 2019, China was again the world’s largest market for e-mobiles. However, as government subsidies were cut, sales figures in the second half of the year plummeted by around 31 percent compared to the same period last year.

Demand in Europe in 2019 continues to rise, with over 600,000 vehicles sold. The largest European market in 2019 was Germany with over 110,000 e-cars sold. Germany thus had an 18 percent share of the world market. In 2021, German automakers are expected to take the global lead with 1.7 million electric vehicles produced.

Tesla dominates the market for e-car manufacturers worldwide

With around 370,000 vehicles sold, Tesla is currently the largest manufacturer of e-cars. The Tesla Model 3 has been sold around 300,000 times, making it by far the best-selling e-car in the world. For comparison, BMW produced about 133,000 e-cars. VW produced 85,000 E-cars.

The electric offensive in Germany

While most suppliers in Germany complain about the risks of electromobility, there is a spirit of optimism in Bielefeld. The Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp is working on the future at its plant. Gestamp produces battery boxes for electric cars and supplies the company VW. In order for the change to succeed, car companies like VW, Daimler and BMW depend on reliable suppliers. With the approaching end of the internal combustion engine, some companies are breaking away from their business model, but there are also profiteers who have adapted to the changes in the industry early enough.

Electrical offensive at the Ahlhorn site

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