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Discover now our wide-ranged job offers and have a carreer at Dr. Dietrich Müller. We are looking for:

  • Wholesale and Foreign Trader
  • Graduated in Electrical Engineer


PCIM Europe Nuremberg 2015

Thermally conductive pad: Thermipad TP 22715 with 15 W/mK

SPIE Smart Structures/NDE conference

Electronics & Components Hong Kong

Imports and exports of the electrical industry


InnoTrans Berlin

World Energy Engineering Congress Washington

Enova Paris

International Electric & Automation Show Bucharest

CFRP profiles

Energie Impulse Aachen

Water-jet cutting

 CWIEME in Berlin 2013

Coil Winding 2013

Thermiglue TL 23010

Coil Winding 2012

CWIEME Berlin 2012

Italian bobbin manufacturer

Working hours

NEC Birmingham UK

Advanced Engineering UK 2011

Clean Energy Expo Asia 2011

Contract 4S iPhone protectors


Electric Drives Production Conference

MOTEK 2011 and Bondexpo

IAA 2011

Norton TH

ArpaxX-Aramid Paper

Slot insulation material

Bern and public transport

Germany with great opportunities in the field of electric cars

Stamp parts from Valox for the lighting industry

Thermal management for LED – Applications

APTIV films are available as a new high performance materials

ArpaxX - push up the heat: Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

ZVEI: The Electrical Industry expects that the boom will continue in 2012

Lectures at the CWIEME Berlin 2011

CWIEME Berlin 2011: Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH with a large product range

Increased Growth Forecast for the German Electrical Industry

Hannover Messe CoilTechnica:  A Good and Positive Response for Dr. Dietrich Müller

Delivery situation in Japan

FIEE: A resounding success for Dr. Dietrich Müller


Dr. Dietrich Müller: Punched parts made ​​of 3M VHB Tape

Dr. Dietrich Müller: Nomex® parts in self-adhesive version.

Dr. Müller GmbH CoilTechnica, Hannover.

Kapton MT in different varieties and Thermiflex

Dr. Müller GmbH: New product for the solar industry

Dr. Dietrich Müller registered as a UL – „Repackaged Recognized Components“ Company.

CWIEME Berlin 2010: Dr. Mueller in Ahlhorn

Dr. Mueller: High technology and innovation at one time in one venue

Dr. Müller GmbH continues its leadership as a supplier of Ultem films

Dr. Müller GmbH: New product line for films release

Dr. Müller proud of the opening of the Germany's first offshore wind park

Müller and Temac: Distribution agreement sealing materials

Get involved with the latest insulation product offerings at the Coil Winding 2010 – Dr. Müller GmbH


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Is there black Kapton or black polyimide film?

Kapton or polyimide film is also available in black. There is black polyimide film which is equipped with extra properties.

Black Kapton is deliverable ex works of the company Dr D. Mueller GmbH.

Die-cut- , formed- and insulating parts can be manufactured of the black polyimide film.

Black Kapton can also be delivered self-adhesive.

What is polymide film?

Polyimide film is an electric insulating material with excellent properties. Polyimide [Abbreviation: PI] is a thermoplastic plastic for high temperature applications.

Polyimide film is very dimensionally stable, has a very high dielectric strength and is HF qualified as non-adhesive film. In many cases polyimide film is manufactured self-adhesive.

Is polyimide film resistant against x-rays?

Kapton has a good long-term resistance against x-rays.

Can Kapton also be used as x-ray window?

For the production of x-rays polyimide films often are used as multifunctional, stable and low-cost materials for x-ray windows. Requirements for this are thermal stability and high transmittance for x-ray light.
Of course we manufacture these x-ray windows in small demands as well as in single pieces.

If additional a high absorption and reflexion for light of the visual area is required, mainly beryllium is used.

Which CTI value has Kapton?

Kapton has a CTI of 4.

Is Kapton suitable for the usage in vacuum?


Kapton is suitable for the usage in vacuum.

Can polyimide film also used as membrane?

Polyimide films are used as selective permeable membrane in the reverse osmosis – e.g. in the dialysis or in the seawater desalination. Suchlike membranes can be manufactured from our company as serial parts, in small demands or as single pieces.

It is also possible to equip single parts self-adhesive.

What is about the delivery time of the polyimide film?

Polyimide film of the different brands is mostly available ex works.

Where can I buy polyimide film?

Polyimide film can be bought at Dr D. Mueller. Small demands or regular manufacturing needs, all that customers can buy at our company.

Which polyimide film is qualified to meet the requirements of the UL 746 C?

The solution is named Kapton 200XP919. At this special Kapton model a 12.5µm thick covering of PFA is placed on the 25µm thick Kapton film.
Then the CTI value 1 is met and it fulfils the requirements of UL 746C.

In which thicknesses is polyimide film available?

Kapton is available in the thicknesses 0.0125 mm, 0.025 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.075 mm and 0.125 mm.

Flexiso PI 16000 is also available in the thickness of 0.225 mm.

Laminates can also be manufactured of the polyimide films.


Can Kapton film also be used as fixation of strain gauges?

Kapton films can be used as fixation of strain gauges. In this case the silicone adhesive covered with polyimide film is used.

What are the application areas of polyimide film?

Polyimide film is used in the following areas:
Covering of conductor plates
Covering of connection plug boards (Goldkante)
Usage in brazing processes in the electro industry
Usage in the high temperature area
Covering at powder coating