In the production of cables, power and wires the products of Dr D Müller GmbH have long been used.

Insulation material for cables in electric cars

In electric cars the frequency of electrical power to be transferred is significantly higher than in the usual low-voltage electrical system. For the high-voltage electrical system other requirements must be met:

There are high demands on the insulation material, electromagnetic shielding, and the thickness of the material due to the limited space for their installation. Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is capable of meet these demands.

Tapes for the production of round and shaped wire

Cut tapes of polyester films are supplied in various widths. (Mylar A, Hostaphan RN and WN), Nomex and . These are supplied on Flanged Bobins or Spools.

Insulation systems for battery cable sets

In various projects developed by Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH jointly with battery manufacturers and cable producers for insulation systems for battery cable sets from high-quality insulation materials with consideration of electromagnetic shielding and the need to optimize heat dissipation. Hereby value is also placed on the products in the process-optimised finishing.

Laminated aluminium films and polyester films for shielding.

Electronic circuits or circuit components are influenced by electric fields. The resulting tensions have an affect and in doing so interfere with such assemblies and can lead to malfunctions.

In order to prevent this the electrical conductors are shielded by an enclosed metallic sheathing. This electrostatic shielding works on the principle of induction and takes place in wiring through a continuous metal film or mesh, which is usually insulated with a PET film.

A shielding and mechanical protection is ensured by a single operation. There are different compositions of composite films in various thicknesses. This composition depends on the requirements of the shielding.

Polypropylene films for the label industry.

For the insulation, separation and binding of Telecommunications, power and signal cables, Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH provides compact and foamed PP films.

Label and Insulating papers

For oil-paper insulated earth cable we supply stamped parts made of special insulating papers. So that a cost-effective repair is made possible.

Cable strength members from GRP Profiles

In our composites production, we produce cable strength members from pulltruded GRP profiles for relief from tensile forces.