Reaction to conflict materials

Dr Dietrich Müller GmbH

Reaction to conflict materials

Ahlhorn | August 19th | 2013

In the past few years armed rebels of the Democratic Republic of the Congo or of neighbouring countries have broken ore. They also have smuggled this broken ore to finance their rebellious activities.

These actions support the expansion of conflicts as well as they are violating human rights in form of forced labour and cruelty of the native population.
In July 2010 the US congress passed a law of a reform for the financial market. This law should prohibit the cash flow to these armed groups. The US controlling institution Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) passed a guideline which says that companies listed on the US stock exchange have to announce how they purchase and use conflict materials. These conflict materials are served for the extraction of tantalum, tin, wolfram and gold and they normally are purchased of rebel-controlled mines and regions.

As a manufacturer of electrical insulating materials, thermally conductive materials, technical films and gaskets, the Dr D. Mueller GmbH does not support the above mentioned activities and violation of human rights. We ensure that the materials we use only contain a minimum of metals.

We focus on right communication in our supply chain when dealing with these “conflict materials”.

We ask our suppliers to announce relevant information and we exchange these information with our customers if requested.

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