tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen double-sided adhesive tape

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tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen double-sided adhesive tape

Sustainable innovation: 100% original. 40% less CO2. Makes sense.

For over 40 years, tesa® 4965 Original has been the preferred solution for numerous industries and applications in the area of ​​double-sided adhesive tapes. Now this proven product has been further improved by reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 40%*. This was achieved by implementing the biomass balance approach, giving the new generation a 90% recycled PET carrier.

More sustainability, no compromises on performance:

  • Proven product for 40 years.
  • Now made from biomass-balanced raw materials.
  • 40%* less CO2 compared to the original version.
  • Just as effective in performance.

The key to reducing CO2 emissions

In our ISCC PLUS-certified tesa® production facility, we ensure that the certified share of renewable raw materials from our suppliers is made available for the next generation of tesa® 4965 Original. In collaboration with our suppliers, we have chosen the biomass balance approach, which uses second-generation biomass that does not compete with the food chain. The allocation process at our factory and at our suppliers is externally audited by an independent third party and covered by full chain-of-custody certification, ensuring a transparent and traceable process.

Sustainability without compromise

The new version, tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen, replaces fossil raw materials with renewable raw materials to support a sustainable bioeconomy and reduce the use of fossil fuels. The tape gives customers the confidence and opportunity to create more sustainable solutions in various industries and meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products.

Same band, same performance

The new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen adhesive tape works just as reliably as its previous version, which has been used in a variety of applications for over 40 years. It meets the original technical specification. Importantly, the biomass-balanced monomer adhesive, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 40%*, does not alter the properties or performance of the new tape.


  • Peel adhesion to steel [N/cm]: 11,5
  • Peel adhesion to ABS [N/cm]: 10,3
  • Peel adhesion to PE [N/cm]: 5,8
  • Shear strength [min]: >5000
  • Short-term temperature resistance: 200°C
  • Long-term temperature resistance: 100°C
  • Temperature resistance min: -40°C
  • Tensile strength [N/cm]: >20
  • Elongation [%]: >50
  • Adhesive anchoring: Yes

Our extensive tests show that the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen Tape achieves the same reliable performance as its predecessor in various industries. With a 2% reduction in carbon footprint*, based on figures from a verified study according to ISO 40 standards, you can confidently achieve your sustainability goals.

*Reduction of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) for the new tesa® 4965 Original Next Gen (50m x 50mm hand roll, PVO: red MOPP carrier) compared to the current tesa® 4965 Original (50m x 50mm hand roll, PVO: red MOPP- Carrier), calculated in 2023 with cradle-to-gate values ​​including biogenic carbon uptake.

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