UL-approved PTFE: Tecfilm PTFE TC 00440 (UL file number E536667)

UL-approved PTFE: Tecfilm PTFE TC 00440 (UL file number E536667)

The Tecfilm PTFE TC 00440, certified under UL file number E536667, represents a significant advance in the application of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in technically demanding areas of electrical engineering and electronics.

PTFE, a polymer with outstanding properties, is crucial for modern technologies where performance under extreme conditions and high safety requirements are paramount. The UL certification of Tecfilm PTFE TC 00440 highlights its suitability for use in such scenarios.

Material properties and composition

  • Chemical structure: PTFE, a fluoropolymer, is characterized by a combination of carbon and fluorine atoms that give it outstanding chemical inertness and thermal stability.
  • Thermal properties: PTFE maintains its physical properties over a wide temperature range of -200°C to +260°C, making it ideal for extreme environments.
  • Electrical Properties: With its high dielectric strength and exceptionally high volume resistance, PTFE is an excellent electrical insulator.

The Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)

The CTI value is a key indicator of a material's suitability in electrical insulation applications. A high CTI value, typical of Tecfilm PTFE TC 00440, indicates strong resistance to electrical erosion and tracking.

Fields of application

  1. batteries: PTFE's excellent insulation properties and thermal stability contribute to safety and stability in batteries, especially high-performance batteries.
  2. Electric motors: PTFE enables efficient insulation and heat resistance in electric motors, resulting in longer life and reliability.
  3. Transformers: PTFE's high CTI value contributes to the efficiency and safety of transformers by providing reliable insulation under high voltages.
  4. Fuses: PTFE improves the safety and performance of fuses through its high dielectric strength and thermal resistance.

Properties of PTFE

Long-term stability: PTFE shows remarkable resistance to aging and weathering, which increases its lifespan in various applications.
Editing and processing: PTFE can be processed through various techniques such as cutting, welding and shaping, highlighting its adaptability to specific industrial requirements.
Economic aspects: PTFE's durability and reliability help reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing maintenance needs and downtime.
Innovation potential: The unique properties of PTFE open up new opportunities in the development of advanced electrical and electronic components, leading to innovations in various industrial sectors.

PTFE TC 00440 E536667


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