Nomex is an aramide paper which is used as an electrical insulating material. We manufacture slot insulations, slot closures, die-cut and formed parts as well as adhesive tapes and similar from Nomex.

Generally Nomex 410, Nomex 411 and Nomex 414 are used for these kinds of applications.

Dr D. Mueller GmbH provides Nomex 410, Nomex 411, Nomex 414, Nomex 993 and Nomex 994.

Nomex 410, Nomex 414 und Nomex 411 can be die-cut with common die-cutting processes. Steel rule dies, complete cuts and rotative tools can be used for die-cutting of Nomex 410, Nomex 414 und Nomex 411.

All Nomex types can be laser cut. This includes especially the Nomex model 410.

Nomex is available as adhesive tape. Nomex can also be covered with transfer adhesive by our company.

We are able to produce self-adhesive die cut parts made from Nomex.

Nomex can be ultrasonic-welded. Often Nomex 410 is welded to ribbed mats with Nomex 994 for the transformer construction.

Most of the Nomex models are available ex works. If we do not have some models ex works, we can get them short-timed.

Nomex can be bought at Dr D Mueller GmbH. To buy it, please send us an inquiry.

Nomex can be imprinted with common laser printers.

The relative dielectric constant (Permittivity) of Nomex 410 at 60Hz / 100kHz is 1.6 (0.05 and 0.08) or 1.8 at other thicknesses.

Thickness 0.05 mm + 41 kg rolls 1143m 39 g/m²
Thickness 0.05 mm + 41 kg rolls 1143m 39 g/m²
Thickness 0.08 mm + 44 kg rolls 768m 63 g/m²
Thickness 0.13 mm + 45 kg rolls 439m 112 g/m²
Thickness 0.18 mm + 49 kg rolls 320m 168 g/m²
Thickness 0.25 mm + 53 kg rolls 238m 244 g/m²
Thickness 0.38 mm + 55 kg rolls 155m 388 g/m²
Thickness 0.51 mm + 57 kg rolls 119m 524 g/m²
Thickness 0.76 mm + 62 kg rolls 82m 827 g/m²