Polyimide film is an electric insulating material with excellent properties. Polyimide [Abbreviation: PI] is a thermoplastic plastic for high temperature applications.

Polyimide film is very dimensionally stable, has a very high dielectric strength and is HF qualified as non-adhesive film. In many cases polyimide film is manufactured self-adhesive.

has a good long-term resistance against x-rays.

Polyimide films are used as selective permeable membrane in the reverse osmosis – e.g. in the dialysis or in the seawater desalination. Suchlike membranes can be manufactured from our company as serial parts, in small demands or as single pieces.

It is also possible to equip single parts self-adhesive.

Polyimide film of the different brands is mostly available ex works.

Polyimide film can be bought at Dr D. Mueller. Small demands or regular manufacturing needs, all that customers can buy at our company.

The solution is named 200XP919. At this special model a 12.5µm thick covering of PFA is placed on the 25µm thick film.

Then the CTI value 1 is met and it fulfils the requirements of UL 746C.

is available in the thicknesses 0.0125 mm, 0.025 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.075 mm and 0.125 mm.

Flexiso PI 16000 is also available in the thickness of 0.225 mm.

Laminates can also be manufactured of the polyimide films.

Polyimide film is used in the following areas:
Covering of conductor plates
Covering of connection plug boards (Goldkante)
Usage in brazing processes in the electro industry
Usage in the high temperature area
Covering at powder coating