Thermal paste

Since we have no way of checking whether our pastes are suitable for vacuum and the areas of application are too different, we cannot provide any conclusive information here.

We have customers who use the pastes in a vacuum and who have had good experiences.

Thermigrease thermal pastes can be obtained from Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH to be bought.

To buy, please submit an inquiry.

Silicone-free thermal pastes are often requested by customers in the automotive industry.

Thermal pastes are applied using a variety of methods.

Thermal paste can be applied with a spatula. This option is used in particular for larger areas.

Thermal paste can also be applied with a brush.

Our thermal paste is also supplied in syringes and cartridges, with the help of which the thermal paste can be introduced relatively precisely into the bores.

Thermal paste can also be applied by pad printing or screen printing.

Our thermal paste TG 20031 can be used for this application depending on the temperature profile.