Film grades

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Film grades

APTIV film grades
APTIV film is available in several grades according to the specific needs
of the end use application. Within each grade a broad range of
thicknesses are available from 6 to 750 microns (0.25 to 30 mils). The
standard width of APTIV film is 610 mm (24 in), although some films can be
provided in widths up to 1450 mm (57 in). On request, the stock rolls of
film can be further slit by Victrex to 50 mm (2 in) width. Matte/Gloss and
Gloss/Gloss surface finishes are standard. Other surface finishes may
be available upon request.

Serie 1000

APTIV 1000 series films are unfilled semi-crystalline films. Available in
thicknesses from 8 to 750 microns, they are typically the mostly commonly
used grades in the product range.

1100 Series

APTIV 1100 series are mineral-filled semi-crystalline films with the filler
content being available at two loadings according to the application needs. The films are available in thicknesses from 12 microns upward. The film is typically specified where either a higher modulus or lower coefficient of thermal expansion is required.

1300 Black

APTIV 1300 Black is a cosmetic grade unfilled semi-crystalline film which
provides the same properties as the APTIV 1000 series natural colour film.
It is a suitable option when dark colour is a design requirement for applications such as acoustic speakers. Thicknesses range from 50 to 100 microns.

2000 Series

APTIV 2000 series films are unfilled amorphous films available in thicknesses from 6 microns up to 300 microns. The 2000 series of films are typically selected for processing to the semi-crystalline state using a thermoforming process, or where ductility or a level of optical clarity are required. When the amorphous film is subjected to temperatures above the glass transition temperature (Tg) of VICTREX PEEK polymer (143°C/289°F), the amorphous film will revert to the semi-crystalline form. This property is particularly advantageous when thermoforming parts from APTIV film.

2100 Series

APTIV 2100 series are mineral-filled amorphous films. Thicknesses are
available from 25 microns upward.
The film is typically specified where either a higher modulus or lower
coefficient of thermal expansion is required and are often processed to
the semi-crystalline form using a thermoforming process.

Secondary Processes

APTIV film can be subjected to a wide range of secondary process operations:

Plasma surface treatment for the promotion of adhesion.
Metallisation using a variety of deposition and lamination processes.
Thermoforming into highly detailed shaped parts.
Adhesiveless heat lamination to other polymers and metals.
Application of specialised coatings.
These secondary processes allow designers and engineers to obtain
the benefits of APTIV film properties in a variety of formats.


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