For everyone who wants to do well: Contract cutting at Müller Ahlhorn


For everyone who wants to do well: Contract cutting at Müller Ahlhorn

Ahlhorn | Rastatt | 24.10.2016

Anyone who associates paper or foils with contract cutting has come to the experienced Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH is in good hands. Am 1. In February 2016, a new branch was opened in Rastatt, which expands the extensive product portfolio to include contract cutting of nonwovens, foils and paper into sheets and rolls.

Regardless of whether customers want to cut foils or have sheets cut, the professional high-performance foil cutting company has been relying on convincing precision for years.

With the new location and the expanded range of services, even the most demanding customer requests can now be implemented even faster.

Everything to do with contract cutting: paper, foils and fleece are processed according to customer requirements.

The experienced professionals enable a comprehensive range of services in terms of contract cutting: foils.

All roles resp. Sheet goods are made up according to customer requirements or specific requirements. Anyone interested in high-performance contract cutting manufacturers will not be able to ignore the specialized film cutting company from Baden-Württemberg, as they consistently rely on the latest technology.

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