Construction de transformateur

Transformer construction

Construction de transformateur
Construction de transformateur
Construction de transformateur
Construction de transformateur

Delivery program for transformers

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies insulating parts and components for the following transformers:

  • Small transformers
  • Choke coils
  • Oil distribution transformers /
    Oil-insulated high voltage transducers
  • Dry transformers
  • Cast resin transformers
  • Cast resin converter
  • Magnetic coils (e.g. for superconductivity or lifting magnets)

For transformer construction, our flat insulation materials are used as layer insulation, core insulation, barrier and cover insulation.

We manufacture spacers and bobbins as well as cylinders and supports from plate materials.

We supply cut-to-length, strangely drawn GRP profiles as cooling duct spacers, tie rods, supports and strips.

We also supply various prepregs.

Bobbins for transformers

Since 2010 we represent the company Cierre, which offers a large delivery program

Bobbins, Casting caps, and accessories for transformer construction.

Delivery program for power transformers

For power transformers we supply:

  • DDP pipes
  • Spacer bars
  • Spacers
  • Spacers
  • Thrust washers
  • Flexible insulating pipes
  • edge protection
  • L-profiles for frames
  • Knobbles
  • Shield rings
  • Umbrella cylinder
  • Support cylinder open or closed
  • U channels
  • Wrapped high voltage lines
  • Corrugated shavings
  • Angle rings, caps and support segments
  • Cylinder (from Mylar A, Nomex)

Delivery program for distribution and special transformers

For distribution and special transformers we deliver:

  • flexible Insulating parts/ Stamped parts
  • Inguinal strips (glued and ultrasonically welded)
  • Molded parts Nomex®
  • U channels
  • Corrugated shavings
  • cylinder
  • Seals

The following product groups are of interest:



Transformer wood