Industrie électronique

The electronics industry is an important customer base for Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH. Our products are used in many areas.

Stamped and molded parts as housing insulation

We manufacture ready-to-install housing insulation from our large selection of electrical insulation materials. These punched parts can be made fully or partially self-adhesive.

Adhesive tapes and die-cut parts as covers in printed circuit board production

the end Polyimide adhesive tapes Stamped parts are manufactured in various shapes for covering during wave soldering.

Identification applications

High-temperature films and adhesives from Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH are used for labels that have to withstand extreme temperatures. Be here Polyimidfolie | Apical | Norton TH | Flexiso, PEI, or Aptiv films are used.

Heat dissipation applications

Thermally conductive adhesive films as die-cut parts permanently connect heat sinks with chip housings or flexible circuits. The adhesive film is characterized by high instantaneous adhesion and offers good electrical insulation properties as well as high thermal conductivity. There is also a broad spectrum of Thermal paste, Heat conducting foils, Thermal pads, and Thermally conductive adhesives.

Applications as splice tape and belt connector in assembly machines

Belt connectors and splice tape create a precise and secure connection of SMD component belts in pick and place machines. Production standstills and component losses occur due to inefficient connection of the SMD belts and component belts. Our products prevent downtimes through precise bonding options for the belts.

Double splice tape as a belt connector for SMD belts

  • Radial belt connector
  • SMD-Splicing Tape
  • Belt threader
  • Belt locker
  • Splice plates
  • Belt locking pliers

Spacer foils for keyboard production

A special area in the field of supplies for the electronics industry are spacer foils as self-adhesive spacer foils for membrane keyboards

Polyester carriers with pure acrylate adhesive in various thicknesses are used as base materials.

Precision stamped parts are manufactured individually according to your drawings on a roll or as a single part with or without a grip tab.

Spacer foils can also be continuously supplied as roll goods in various widths.

laser cut stencils

Templates are laser cut from various materials, in particular polyester film.

Protective films made from Lupolen HX 1817

We deliver punched parts as protective films made from the Lupolen HX 1817 LD-PE film
Electronics area.

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH uses the following materials from these manufacturers for the manufacture of its products:

We process the following 3M materials:

3M™ 9485PC, 3M™ F9469PC, 3M™ 92904, 3M™ 7717SW, 3M™ 7718SW, 3M™ 7719SW, 3M™ 360, 3M™ 1430, 3M™ 1278, 3M™ 1279, 3M™ 502FL, 3M™ 1258, 3M™ 25A10C, 3M™ 55334, 3M™ 9703XYZ, 3M™ 9705XYZ, 3M™ 9706XYZ, 3M™ 9708XYZ, 3M™ 9709XYZ, 3M™ 9706LO, 3M™ 1170EC, 3M™ 4540L, 3M™ 4550L, 3M™ 4560L, 3M™ 5180, 3M™ 851, 3M™ 420, 3M™ 5433, 3M™ 5419, 3M™ 7945MP, 3M™ 235, 3M™ 40TAPE, 3M™ 55TAPE, 3M™ 1318-1, 3M™ 2104C, 3M™ 2110C, 3M™ 2112C, 3M™ 2187C, 3M™ 5413, 3M™ 1205, 3M™ 8805, 3M™ 8810, 3M™ 8815, 3M™ 8820, 3M™ 9882, 3M™ 5591S, 3M™ 5592, 3M™ 5592S, 3M™ 5421, 3M™ VHB™ 4941, 3M™ VHB™ 4951, 3M™ 5557NP, 3M™ 9712XYZ, 3M™ 9713XYZ, 3M™ 9703, 3M™ 668, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1001, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1001MS, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1002, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1002MS, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1004, 3M™ Scotchgard™ 1004MS, 3M™ 615, 3M™ 9876-10, 3M™ 669,