Rubans adhésifs en tissu de verre

Glass fabric adhesive tapes

Glass fabric adhesive tapes are particularly supple and flexible and can be processed very easily.

Due to the high temperature resistance and the high tear strength, glass fabric adhesive tapes are ideal for all insulation applications in electrical machine, generator and transformer construction. Due to the different adhesive systems (acrylate, silicone and rubber), glass fabric tapes are available for all insulation classes. Applications are:

  • Strain relief for supply lines in electric motor construction
  • Final bandage in transformer construction
  • Masking of self-supporting coils, as well as the beginning of the winding or – the end
  • End winding insulation and phase separation in electrical engineering
  • Masking in impregnation processes
  • Lampshades

We supply stamped and molded parts as well as blanks made from this material.

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