Tissu dur en verre silicone SI GC 202

Structure of silicone glass hard fabric SI GC 202

Silicon glass hard fabric SI GC 202 is a combination of silicone resin and glass fabric.

Silicon glass hard fabric SI GC 202 areas of application

Many electrical engineers name SI GC 202 as their material of choice when it comes to solving insulation tasks. In the field of transformer construction, SI GC 202 is often used as an air gap. In electrical engineering, SI GC 202 is used as a material for brush holders. SI GC 202 is also used in spacers in electrical systems, as electrical insulation in high-frequency technology, as high-voltage insulating parts and high-temperature-resistant machine parts. The material is also used in pulse welding machines. here in addition to electrical insulation, as well as thermal insulation.

Due to its properties, SI GC 202 is a versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of areas.

Silicon glass hard fabric SI GC 202 delivery forms

SI GC 202 is supplied in the form of plates that can be processed into ready-to-install parts. SI GC 202 is also supplied in the form of tubes and rods. These tubes can also be machined.

SI GC 202 processing

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH produces a large number of different drawing parts from SI GC 202. SI GC 202 is punched on eccentric presses. 3D parts made of silicon glass hard fabric SI GC 202 are milled on our CNC machining centers. In the model making sector, SI GC 202 is processed with normal woodworking machines.

Bonding of silicone glass hard fabric SI GC 202

SI GC 202 can be glued with silicone adhesives. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the most suitable adhesive for your application.

Dr. Müller as the contact person for SI GC 202 parts

When it comes to SI GC 202 silicone glass hard fabric, we are the right contact. You can buy SI GC 202 in plates, tubes, rods or in machined parts from us.

We carry silicon glass hard fabric SI GC 202 in different thicknesses. We have SI GC 202 plates up to a thickness of 50 mm in stock, but SI GC 202 can also be manufactured in larger thicknesses.

SI GC 202 in different colors

SI GC 202 is manufactured in white as standard. Other colors can be achieved by painting.

SI GC 202 sampling

For samples in the context of inquiries, you can receive small sections from SI GC 202 from us free of charge. We carry out larger SI GC 202 samples for a fee, then credit you with this SI GC 202 later when you buy SI GC 202 parts from us.

SI GC 202 data sheets

You can download data sheets for the material SI GC 202 by clicking on the PDF symbols. Here you can find the characteristics of the material, such as the temperature resistance or the chemical resistance as well as the dielectric strength.

Technical application advice for SI GC 202

If you need data on the SI GC 202 that you cannot find in the data sheets, our application engineering team will be happy to advise you.