High flexibility even in crisis situations

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

High flexibility even in crisis situations

Ahlhorn | 26.05.2020

With the production of visors and breathing masks, Dr Dietrich Müller GmbH demonstrates a high degree of flexibility in the pandemic.

In addition to visors, sufficient respirator production is necessary to ensure protective measures for the own population, medical personnel, nursing staff, emergency services and etc. Countries such as South Korea and Taiwan have a significantly low number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. A sufficient supply of masks and early compulsory masking are suitable measures to prevent the rapid spread of pathogens such as COVID-19.

Mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth are potential entry points for pathogens into a body that are transmitted by droplet infection. The use of respiratory masks can reduce the likelihood of droplet infection in close contact by preventing particles of fluid from reaching other people’s mucous membranes and airways when breathing, speaking, sneezing or coughing. Respiratory masks also protect personnel from splashes of bodily secretions, contaminated liquids and from contact between mouth and nose with contaminated hands.

Filtering half masks consist of several layers of non-woven fabric, elastic bands and a mouldable nose clip. The basic material for the masks is plastic granules, which are melted with so-called Meltblow equipment. By varying process parameters such as material, temperature, pressure, binder, water and mechanical interfering bodies, different types of nonwovens can be produced and optimized for the given application. Different types of nonwovens are used for the production of FFP2 masks and mouth-nose protection masks for operations (MNS OP). The mask structure for MNS OP is primarily three-layer. The outer two layers are made of spunbonded fabric and are identical. The inner layer consists of meltblown nonwoven. In FFP2 masks, additional layers of meltblown fleece are incorporated to increase safety.

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH has a high level of experience in the processing of nonwovens, so that the production could be expanded to include the manufacture of respiratory masks within a short time.

High flexibility and a wide range of products characterize Dr. Dietrich Müller. This is also reflected in the production of electrical insulation materials, heat conducting products, gaskets and technical films. The company’s product portfolio includes flexible electrical insulation materials, prepregs, 3D printing, coated fabrics, adhesive tapes, laminates and profiles, heat conducting products, technical films, sealing materials, mica products and other product groups.

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