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Scopri le nostre offerte di lavoro e fai carriera da Dr. Mueller. Stiamo cercando:

  • Responsabile vendite all'ingrosso e all'estero
  • Ingegnere elettrico


PCIM Europe Nuremberg 2015

Thermally conductive pad: Thermipad TP 22715 with 15 W/mK

SPIE Smart Structures/NDE conference

Electronics & Components Hong Kong

Imports and exports of the electrical industry


InnoTrans Berlin

World Energy Engineering Congress Washington

Enova Paris

International Electric & Automation Show Bucharest

CFRP profiles

Energie Impulse Aachen

Water-jet cutting

 CWIEME in Berlin 2013

Coil Winding 2013

Thermiglue TL 23010

Coil Winding 2012

CWIEME Berlin 2012

Italian bobbin manufacturer

Working hours

NEC Birmingham UK

Advanced Engineering UK 2011

Clean Energy Expo Asia 2011

Contract 4S iPhone protectors


Electric Drives Production Conference

MOTEK 2011 and Bondexpo

IAA 2011

Norton TH

ArpaxX-Aramid Paper

Slot insulation material

Bern and public transport

Germania, con grandi opportunità di auto elettriche

Pezzi stampati per l'industria Valox

Gestione termica per applicazioni LED

I film APTIV sono disponibili come nuovi materiali ad alte prestazioni

ZVEI: l'industria elettrica prevede una crescita per continuare nel 2012

ArpaxX – Push up the heat

CWIEME Berlin 2011: Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH

Industria elettrica con le previsioni di crescita per la Germania

Hannover Messe | CoilTechnica | Una risposta positiva a Dr. Dietrich Müller

Consegna situazione Giappone

Coil Winding 2010: la migliore soluzione per ogni applicazione

Dr Muller: alta tecnologia e innovazione in un solo luogo

Dr Muller continua ad essere leader nella distribuzione di pellicole Ultem

Dr Muller GmbH mette a disposizione un prodotto versatile per l'applicazione industriale

Dr. Muller GmbH è orgoglioso per l’avvio del primo parco eolico in mezzo al mare in Germania

Dr. Muller e TEMAC: Accordo per la distribuzione di guarnizioni industriali in Germania

Prodotti competitivi nella fiera leader del settore energetico "Coil Winding 2010"


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Kapton® (Kapton® is DuPont's registered trade mark) polyimide film is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine.

With its excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties Kapton® film can be used in a wide temperature range (-269+400°C).

Kapton® is available in different versions according to the application. ´

The basic type is Kapton® HN.

Kapton® HN is mainly used for the insulation of electrical motors in class H and super H, in the production of adhesive tapes for dielectric uses and when resistance to extreme temperatures is required (as low as -269°C and as high as 400°C).

Kapton® VN is similar to the basis type, but it has a superior dimensional stability. Kapton® VN is mainly used in the production of flexible printed circuits. 

Kapton® FN is type HN coated on one or both sides with Teflon® FEP, that enhances chemical resistance and imparts heat sealability. FN type is used to cover cables and conductors for high temperatures.

Type XP is coated with Teflon® PFA and it can be used at higher countinuous temperatures (Teflon® FEP: 205°C Teflon® PFA: 260°C).

Kapton® CR (available also with a coating in Teflon®: FCR) was developed to withstand the damaging effects of "corona'.

Kapton® MT (available also in black: MTB and with a coating in Teflon®: FTM) is appropriated for all the applications where an high thermal conductivity is required.

Type FPC, in the different versions, is suitable for the production of flexible circuits.

For the realization of thermoformed shapes Kapton® HA and JP are the perfect solutions.

Kapton® KJ is a thermoplastic polyimide film suitable for operating at high temperature.

Type HKJ is a Kapton® film coated on one or both sides with Kapton® KJ.

Kapton® XC is a conductive film and it is custom-made upon request.

Kapton® is DuPont's registered trade mark.

Teflon® is DuPont's registered trade mark.