Insulating film with special properties: Formex

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Insulating film with special properties: Formex

Ahlhorn | 11.03.2013

What is Formex?

Formex is a flame-retardant polypropylene film which is mainly used in the electrical industry. Due to its high dielectric strength, low moisture absorption and UL94V-0 class, this film meets the requirements of the electrical industry when it comes to insulating parts and insulating films.
Due to its excellent mechanical properties, Formex can be bent several times to produce three-dimensional shapes without the material breaking or cracking.

Areas of application for Formex

Manufacturers use Formex in applications where high electrical resistance is required. It is an ideal choice for RFI shielding and insulation in electric vehicles, home appliances, personal computers and medical equipment. Other applications include air baffles and cable management systems in high-end data centers, and barrier protectors that separate PC boards from enclosure components.

Processing of Formex

Formex can be laser cut or stamped with steel rule dies or rotary dies, enabling rapid prototyping or mass production with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. Other processing options include hot forming or waterjet cutting. Formex materials can also be embossed, laminated or marked to support a project’s requirements.

Formex is UL approved, IMDS listed and ROHS conform.

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