Insulation class H

Isolierstoffklasse H insulation class

Insulation class H

Insulation class H

Class H insulation consists of materials such as silicone elastomer and combinations of materials such as mica, fiberglass, etc. with suitable adhesives, impregnating or coating materials such as suitable silicone resins. A main material is Nomex.

Other materials or combinations of materials may be included in this class if it can be demonstrated by experience or testing that they can operate at the Class H temperature.

Maximum Allowable Temperature: (IEC60034-1 & NEMA MG1-12.43): 180C, 356F.

Class H insulation materials

We focus on 3. class H insulation materials:

  1. Nomex® Type 410
  2. NKN Laminate
  3. Viledon® H 1162

Nomex® Type 410 – Aramid Paper: A class H Insulating Material

Nomex® 410 is the original aramid paper from DuPont. In the manufacture of this product, the aramid fibers and aramid fibrids are produced in a papermaking process and then calendered. This produces an insulating paper with extremely high mechanical strength, high dielectric strength and excellent thermal resistance.  Nomex® 410 is available in thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.76 mm.

Nomex® 410 is suitable for almost every known insulation application used in electric motors, generators and transformers. Nomex® 410 is cut and supplied in desired strip widths. We also use this paper to manufacture stamped parts as well as molded parts such as cover slides and slot insulations. The aramid paper is also supplied feathered edged.

NKN Laminate – Nomex/Polyimide/Nomex: An insulation material of insulation class H

NKN insulating paper is a 3-layer laminate consisting of 3 layers: 1st layer: Nomex, 2nd layer: polyimide film, 3rd layer Nomex. For NKN laminates, calendered Nomex® aramide paper of grades 464 or 416 is used.

Laminates made of NKN combine the outstanding electrical and thermal properties of polyimide film with the good mechanical properties of Nomex® aramide paper. NKN is available in various overall thicknesses from 0.2 to 0.4 mm. In addition, various combinations of the individual layers can be laminated depending on the application and manufacturer.

NKN is cut and supplied in the required strip width. Furthermore, we produce formed parts such as slot insulations and deck slides from this laminate. For transformer construction we also supply feathered edged tapes made of NKN.

Freudenberg Viledon® H 1162: Class H phase insulation

Viledon® H 1162 is an aramid nonwoven that has been mechanically bonded. Viledon® H 1162 is a nonwoven for the electrical industry. Aramid fibers that are the basis for H 1162 have, for example, excellent thermal stability and durability for insulation applications in motors, generators and transformers.

Viledon® H 1162 can be finished in adhesive or non-adhesive form and is supplied as stamped or molded parts, as well as in rolls or as strip. Viledon® H 1162 is supplied as standard on rolls with a width of 1000 mm, as well as a cutting width of from 5 mm and a roll diameter of max. 800 mm.  We manufacture stamped parts for phase insulation from this material.


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