insulation materials for electric motors and thermally conductive films for batteries

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insulation materials for electric motors and thermally conductive films for batteries

For e-mobility: insulating materials for the electric motors and thermally conductive films for the batteries

The topic of electromobility poses a multitude of challenges for the manufacturers of trucks and motor vehicles. Insulation materials and thermally conductive materials from Dr. Müller solve problems.

Application areas of flexible and solid electrical insulation materials

The focus is on the comprehensive range of insulating parts, which are manufactured from a wide range of solid and flexible electrical insulation materials.

In addition to the flexible materials of the brands Nomex, Mylar, Teonex, Ultem, Valox, Lexan, ArpaxX, which are further processed into stamped and formed parts as well as insulating parts, the Ahlhorn-based company also supplies laminates. Here, complex parts are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machines, which are used in electrical engineering and in the production of batteries.

In the field of manufacturing flexible insulating materials, Dr. D. Müller GmbH has all the necessary processing technologies at its disposal, such as slot insulation machines, automatic deck slider machines, feathering machines and roll cutting machines.

For the production of phase insulation from e.g. Nomex 411 or Freudenberg H1062, we can make use of on an extensive stock of existing tools.

3D formed parts

The Ahlhorn-based company supplies special insulating parts with 3D contours, which are characterised by a high insulation class up to 220C and a high dielectric strength up to 60kV/mm.

Thermally conductive materials for battery technology

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH supplies thermally conductive films and thermal paste for the cooling of battery systems.

Technical application advice

Depending on the respective application, insulating materials are recommended according to the required framework conditions. All requirements regarding technical parameters as well as the respective necessary approvals (in particular UL systems) are taken into account.

Prototype Service “Quick-Prototype”

In future, Dr. D. Müller GmbH will offer its customers the possibility of receiving prototypes for sample construction within 48 hours under the motto “Quick-Prototype”. Conditions for this are the submission of DXF drawings and the selection of electrical insulation materials which are in stock. For the production of the prototypes laser cutting machines with a table size of 1200 x 900 mm, cutting plotters (flatbed and roll plotters) for parts with a width of 1200 mm as well as water jet cutting technology for blanks with dimensions of 3000 x 2000 mm are available.

Online Shop

At ( the company offers developers the opportunity to order materials for prototype production quickly and easily.

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