Intersolar Europe 2013


Intersolar Europe 2013

Munich | 21.06.2013

Around 50,000 visitors from more than 150 countries streamed through Intersolar Europe at the Munich Exhibition Center over the past three days.

A total of 1,330 exhibitors from 47 countries presented their technologies and services in the fields of “Photovoltaics”, “PV Production Technology”, “Energy Storage” and “Solar Thermal Technology” in 12 exhibition halls and an open-air exhibition area covering 121,000 square meters of exhibition space. 53 percent of exhibitors came to Intersolar Europe 2013 from abroad. With 608 exhibitors, Germany was the most strongly represented country. This was followed by China with 242, Italy with 59, Austria with 40 and Spain with 29 companies.

The proportion of visitors from abroad this year was around 44 percent, once again higher than last year. The international character of the exhibition was further strengthened by high-caliber international delegations and numerous national pavilions, including the presentations of Morocco and Egypt, which was represented in this form for the first time at Intersolar Europe.

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