Disponibili i nuovi film ECO-FR di Sabic


Disponibili i nuovi film ECO-FR di Sabic

Ahlhorn | 11.11.2013

Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH also supplies the new ECO FR films from Sabic. These environmentally friendly, UL-compliant, translucent or opaque films are bromine- and chlorine-free and offer flame-retardant performance in various thicknesses.

This allows OEMs of electrical/electronic products to exceed environmental regulations by voluntarily eliminating the use of halogenated additives in their products while complying with EU restrictions on hazardous substances and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE 2006).


Heat/dielectric shielding and insulation
EMI Shielding
insulators and spacers made of punched material
Printed circuit boards for desktops and servers
Accumulators and adapters for computers, laptops, mobile phones


non halogenated films (chlorine and bromine free)
UL-94 recognition, VTM-0 to V-0
excellent puncture resistance
excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical properties
higher chemical and hydrolytic resistance (Noryl*EFR film)
higher heat resistance (Ultem*Film)

Available types

Lexan* EFR63 Film

  • Transparent, translucent
  • matt / polished surfaces
  • 125-500 μm
  • VTM-0 / 0.1 mmV-2 / 0.43 mm

Lexan EFR65 film

  • Transparent, translucent,
  • finely structured / matt surfaces
  • 125-500 μm
  • VTM-0 / 0,1mm
  • V-2 / 0.43 mm

Lexan EFR85 film

Black, opaque,
finely structured / polished surfaces
175-750 μm
VTM-0 / 0.175 mm
V-0 / 0.375 mm

Lexan EFR95 Film

Finely structured/finely matte surfaces (in black and white)
175-750 μm
VTM-0 / 0.175 mmV-0 / 0.375 mm

Noryl EFR735 film

Finely structured / matt surfaces
250-750 μm
VTM-0 / 0.05 mm
V-0 / 0.25 mm

Ultem 1000B Film

Matt / Matt; Polished / Matt surfaces
25-500 μm
VTM-0 / 0.025 mm
V-0 / 0.125 mm

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