Parti fustellate realizzate con nastri adesivi

Gestanzte Teile aus Klebebändern

Parti fustellate realizzate con nastri adesivi

Die-cut parts made from adhesive tapes make sense for large production quantities, as they save a great deal of time.

The Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH produces labels, die-cut parts and adhesive tapes for industrial customers. This includes mechanical engineers as well as automotive suppliers, the electrical engineering and plastics industries.

Die-cut parts made of adhesive tape are made from all adhesive tapes. These can be delivered on a roll or as an individual part.

Areas of application of die-cut parts

Die-cut parts are used to protect surfaces and to seal connections. For example, temperature-resistant adhesive tapes made of polyimide film protect contacts in the surge bath when soldering. Die-cut parts made of PE foils or adhesive foams protect sensitive materials from scratches in areas that could potentially be damaged during transport.

In electronic devices, die-cut parts made of adhesive tapes made of suitable materials are used for various functions. For example, they connect heat sinks with chip housings to Thermiflex products.

Die-cut adhesive tapes can also be used to shield electronic circuits in electronic devices. They also connect electrical conductive Die-cut parts to Liquid crystal display circuits.

In electric motors are self-adhesive Insulating parts used?

Die-cut parts are used as carriers of information in all industrial sectors. They adhere to difficult surfaces and withstand the elements if you choose the right material.

Manufacturing process for die-cut parts

Individual shapes are punched out using rotary, stroke or flat punching. They enable cost-efficient production on a wide variety of materials in variable shapes, widths and lengths, on rolls or sheets. Refinements such as perforation, printing, lamination or lamination can be implemented without any problems.

Materials for die-cut parts

Almost all flexible materials from our diverse range of materials can be used for die-cut parts: Poron®, Polyimidfolie, Lexan®, Mylar®, Nomex® are some of the most common materials used to produce stamped parts.

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