Lexan-films: Die cut parts and formed parts


Lexan-films: Die cut parts and formed parts

Dr. D. Müller GmbH is one of the best-known and most specialised converters of Lexan films from Sabic Plastics (formerly GE Plastics). Stamped parts and insulating parts belong to the speciality of the company.

Property profile of the Lexan films

Lexan films are made from Sabic’s Lexan polycarbonate granules and have many good properties. The films are highly impact resistant, heat resistant to approx. 130 °C and cold resistant to approx. -40 °C, dimensionally stable, insulating, transparent and have a wide variety of surfaces.

Lexan film is available in black or milky white, flame retardant according to UL94-V0, in accordance with FDA regulations and with scratch-resistant coating. This polycarbonate film can be printed, cut, punched, glued, embossed, deep-drawn and bent using various processes from Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH.

The material can be used for displays and nameplates for household, industry, mobile phones, automotive and many other applications where the print is protected by the film itself. Especially in the field of LED lighting technology Lexan is used as light diffusion film. Lexan film is also frequently used as a formed insulating part in the field of electrical insulation materials.

There are various special types of Lexan film, which are presented here in particular:

Lexan-FR film as flame-retardant material

The Lexan FR grades are UL94 approved. All products in this FR (Flame retardant) range combine high heat resistance with excellent self-extinguishing and electrical properties. The products are practically universally applicable. The application spectrum ranges from graphic applications to insulating part applications and complex three-dimensional shielding. The FR products form a family of flame-retardant polycarbonate films, which are available in various surface structures. In combination with copper and aluminum foils, very well usable EMC protection parts can be produced.

Lexan-HP Films

HP films are high-performance, transparent, single-sided coated polycarbonate films. The coated side offers very good chemical and abrasion resistance. The other side can be printed as usual (base film 8010). These properties make HP films suitable for graphic applications. The choice of the right HP type depends very much on the application.

Lexan film under the UL recognized repackaging label

Many customers sell their electric motors, transformers and lights to the United States. This usually requires UL certification.

The special feature of UL certification is the strong focus on individual components and their technical, mechanical and chemical interaction. The overriding principle and guiding principle of UL certification is also here the minimization of risk for the end user.

For the winding industry there are so-called UL recognized repackagers. These are mostly processors who further process the materials produced by the original manufacturers.

This repackaging means that UL basically certifies the products in the containers and dimensions in which they leave the respective production. If materials are wrapped, punched or formed, the UL approval of the respective product becomes invalid

Due to the repackaging approval granted by UL, the surface insulation materials and laminates processed by Dr. D. Müller GmbH do not lose these approvals.

Customers can therefore purchase the UL-approved surface insulation materials Lexan, Mylar, Nomex, Teonex and Hostaphan with confidence. In addition, Dr. D. Müller GmbH offers the advantage that UL-approved laminates also retain their certification.

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