Physical properties of Lexan

Physikalische Eigenschaften von Lexan

Density and specific weight of Lexan-Folie

The frequent synonymous use of these two terms is technically incorrect: Density is the mass per unit volume of a material at 23 ° C. The specific gravity (often referred to as “relative density” in English) is the mass of a given volume of material in relation to the same amount of water (both at 23 ° C). To convert: density = specific weight x 0.99756. The values ​​are used to determine the area yield in m2 / kg film of a certain thickness.

Table 3: Specific weight

Formula for calculating the area yield: 1 / spec. Weight x film thickness (mm)

Wasseraufnahme und Feuchtegehalt

In order to determine the tendency of a plastic to absorb water, a material sample with defined dimensions is stored in water at a specific temperature for a certain period of time. Either the water intake is measured in milligrams or the weight gain in percent. All films from GE Structured Products show very low water absorption.

The moisture content in the material can affect the dimensions of the application and properties such as electrical insulation, loss factor, mechanical strength, and appearance (appearance).