LIGNA 2013: Summit of the forestry and timber industry


LIGNA 2013: Summit of the forestry and timber industry

Ahlhorn | Hannover | 06.05.2013

Impressive internationality, numerous technical innovations and full market coverage: even before the start of LIGNA 2013 from 6. until 10. Mai in Hanover, the leading international trade fair for the forestry and woodworking and processing industries proves its position as the world’s most important industry get-together.

“The leading manufacturers in the industry have based their innovation cycles on LIGNA and will be showing their innovations first in Hanover. From there, these machines will conquer the world markets, ”says Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG, about LIGNA. “The LIGNA visitor sees everything that will be of importance in the industry worldwide for the next two years.”

From 6. until 10. May include fascinating new developments from around 50 countries. The entire value chain for the treatment and processing of wood can be seen at the trade fair: from forest technology to primary processing in the sawmill and wood-based materials industry, secondary processing in craft and industry to the energetic use of wood.

High internationality

LIGNA is the most international trade fair in the industry. More than half of the exhibitors come from abroad, from around 50 countries. The top ten exhibitor nations by number of exhibitors include Germany, followed by Italy, Austria, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, Spain and Denmark. LIGNA also shines when it comes to visitor quality: every third trade visitor came to Hanover from abroad at the 2011 event. Every second visitor is a decision-maker from upper management.


The development of individualized production processes and the manufacture of cross-process control systems are currently the drivers of innovations – which run like a red thread through the exhibitors’ offers. With more flexibility and more efficiency in production, they meet customer expectations. Nevertheless: The exhibitors not only have the know-how for the new manufacturing processes, they also know how to design production processes in a future-oriented manner. The keywords are sustainability, energy, and resource efficiency.

Surface technology in Halls 16 and 17 is one of the top topics at this year’s LIGNA. Different printing processes and processing systems for the seamless lamination of surfaces and glue-free plasma technology are just a few of the key words. The subject is complemented by the special exhibition “Materia Exhibition” in Hall 17, where, for example, around 200 different and novel surface materials are shown. There you can see what you can already do with wood today, such as wood from waste or translucent wood.

Bioenergy from wood in Halls 13, 27, in the outdoor area and in pavilions 32 to 35 will provide impulses that are of great importance for the wood energy market and all companies operating in it. With this focus, LIGNA is by far the largest trade fair for this area. Relevant topics are the uniformly controlled quality of the wood fuels, their processing, the generation of heat and electricity, the improvement of logistics and the safeguarding of the supply of raw materials.

Another hot topic is lightweight construction. With the special presentation “” in Hall 17 and a conference with international participation, including many experts from research and development, LIGNA is focusing on this topic. The special presentation gives an insight into current lightweight construction projects, with users showing what fascinating things can be done with lightweight construction. The exhibits include, for example, the Porsche Design kitchen from premium manufacturer Poggenpohl, in which high-tech lightweight panels are used.

In particular, window construction with machines, tools and materials for window production in Halls 11, 12, 14 and 15 will prove to be a magnet for visitors. The federal association ProHolzfenster organized a joint stand for this purpose. There, wooden windows are presented for the first time, which are faced with the so-called “modified wood” – a world premiere.

Special presentations, forums and congresses

Numerous special presentations, forums and congresses complement the LIGNA exhibition program. “We are particularly pleased that we will hold the congress on the innovation potential of the forest, paper and wood industries for the European bioeconomy here in Hanover for the first time on the first day of the fair,” says Köckler. It shows how the market participants from the various EU member states define sector-specific guidelines and how future EU funding programs can be actively shaped by the forest-based sector.

In addition, numerous other forums will be organized on the energy wood market, wood construction today and heat supply.

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