Principales características

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Principales características

Continuous use temperature
APTIVTM Foils offer a UL RTI value of 220 ° C for mechanical use without impact forces and 200 ° C for electrical use with foils with a thickness between 25 μm and 125 μm. It can also be used in lead-free soldering processes with short-term temperatures of up to 300 ° C. The melting point of the foils is 343 ° C.

Excellent wear properties

The APTIVTM films offer excellent wear protection. The Lpv performance is 145 MPa m / min without the addition of lubricants and has a particularly smooth surface with very little particle generation.

High chemical resistance

Resistant to most common solvents. Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oxidizing substances, hydrocarbons, salts and water vapor. Offers better chemical resistance than many precious metals. The properties remain almost unchanged even after storage for 2,000 hours in 200 ° C steam.

Low moisture absorption

Maximum moisture absorption of 0.5% when saturated. Very good hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability.

High strength and rigidity

Highest strength and rigidity compared to the total service life of other thermoplastics. Good strength even at temperatures above the glass transition temperature (Tg) of 143 ° C. Excellent tear resistance,
Puncture resistance and acoustic properties.

Electrical stability

Very good electrical properties over a very wide temperature,
Frequency and humidity range.

Radiation Resistance

Resistance to radiation of more than 1 x 109 rads, without embrittlement.

Low smoke and toxic gas emissions

Flame retardant without the use of flame retardants, very low toxicity of the combustion gases. The lowest smoke density of all thermoplastics. Inherently flame retardant and therefore halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21.


Exceptionally low levels of extractable residues. Suitable for use in the semiconductor industry.

Suitable for contact with food

The APTIVTM Series 1000, 1100, 2000, and 2100 are suitable for use with repeated contact with food. Their composition meets the requirements of the FDA directive 21 CFR 177.2415, the EU directives 1935/2004 / EU and 2002/72 / EU as well
the amended directives up to 2000/79 / EU.

environmental friendliness

APTIVTM Foils have a low weight per unit area, are recyclable, halogen-free, and temperature-resistant in lead-free soldering processes. They conform to the RoHS directives.

Excellent barrier properties

Have effective barrier properties against many liquids and gases.

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