Makrofol from Bayer

•    Makrofol DE
PC films, unfilled

•    Makrofol LT and BL
PC light scattering film

•    Makrofol FR
PC film with fire prevention

•    Bayfol CR

•    Bayfol ASA
PC-blend-film, equipped antistatic

Makrofol types

Makrofol® DE
Makrofol DE films are transparent and translucent films which are especially qualified for identification plates, covers and displays. The films inspire by excellent graphical quality while printing. They are available in different mattering surfaces, both-sided high-gloss or fine matt up to structured.

Makrofol® ID
Makrofol® ID is very durable and well qualified as a special film for cards and identification cards because of the high mechanic and thermic resistance.

Makrofol® ID films can be labelled with high-contrast and unforgeable with laser engraving. They can also be equipped with different safety features like chips or holograms.

Makrofol® BL

Makrofol BL is a non-glare and scratch resistant light scattering film for automotive equipment like clock faces and signal annunciations as well as for the usage in the lightning sector. Makrofol BL contains light scatter pigments which convert the light of punctual light sources to areal luminous light.

Makrofol® LT
Makrofol LT is also a light scattering film which meets its effect by fine glass fibres. Because of its glass fibres it is especially qualified for light scattering applications in which dimensional stability and strength is essential.

Makrofol® FR
Makrofol FR is a transparent film which meets the fire protection classification V-0 according to UL 94 (Underwriter Laboratories). Possible application areas are for example identification plates and flame-protected walls of stands.

Special films for ID-cards

Films made of Makrofol/Bayfol open up a wide application field to the processor and the consumer. They are especially qualified for applications in which good optical and mechanical properties of polycarbonate are required.

Because of these properties they are also used as a surface decoration in many sectors of industry.

Makrofol can be used in many areas:

  • Identification and instruction plates
  • ID-cards
  • Decorative and functional device cover plates
  • Covering films for plastic film keyboards

Makrofol is especially used in the following areas of the automotive sector:

  • Clock faces and scales
  • Check and warning signals in the instrument panels
  • Heating-/ ventilation covers
  • Decorated cockpit parts

Special film Marnot
Marnot is the trade name of the company TEKRA for a Markofol-film with one-sided scratch resistant surface cover. The covering increases the scratch resistance of the polycarbonate considerable. This is desired comparably for displays and coverings.

Properties of the Marnot films
Optical properties
high light transmission from about 90% for Marnot XL
clear, comparable to Standard Makrofol
only minimal tarnish at Marnot XL faint

Mechanical properties
Resistant against many chemicals and household cleaners

Thermical properties
short-timed thermal loading up to 130°C possible

Scratch resistance
Clearly increased scratch resistance in comparison to standard PC film
Using instructions

Marnot can be printed excellently with screen printing and offset. During screen printing, standard screen printing colours are used. High-temperature sensitive screen printing colours like Noriphan (company Proell) are well-qualified for IMD technique.

Neat and shard-edged die-cutting
According to the cutting quality: steel-rule die or with full-cut tools (top- and lower die-cut)

Thermoforming: no thermoforming possible

Coldforming and coining

Coin up to a height of 2.5 x film thickness

Both-sided adhesive tapes, transfer adhesive, screen printable adhesives and two-pack adhesive are suitable for appropriate construction.
Marnot is used whenever scratch resisting surfaces are needed:

  • Covers and annunciations
  • In the automotive interieur
  • At mobile phones
  • At household devices
  • At office machines
  • At industrial operating controls
  • At medical devices
  • At membrane switches