Telecommunication Industry

The electronics industry is an important market sector for the company Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH. Our products are used in many areas.

Stamped and formed parts as housing insulation
We manufacture pre-finished housing insulation parts from our large selection of electric insulating materials. These stamped parts can be supplied either with self-adhesive over the entire surface or partially.

Adhesive tapes and die-cut parts as covering in the manufacture of printed circuit boards
polyimide adhesive tapes tapes are made to cover during wave soldering, stamped parts are produced in various forms.

Marking applications
Dr. Dietrich Müller GmbH´s high-temperature adhesives and films are used for labels, which also must resist extreme temperatures. For this purpose, , PEI or Aptiv films are used.

Cooling applications
The thermally conductive adhesive film as die-cut parts connect permanently with heat sinks or flexible circuits. The adhesive film is characterized by a high immediate adhesion and provides good electrical insulation properties as well as a high thermal conductivity. Besides this there is a wide range of thermally conductive pastes, thermally conductive films, thermally conductive pads and thermally conductive adhesives.

Applications of splice tapes and tape connectors in pick and place machines
Tape connectors and splice tapes create a precise and secure connection of SMD tapes in pick and place machines. Production shutdowns and component losses are caused by inefficient connecting of SMD tapes and the component tapes. Our products prevent downtime through precise methods of the bonding of the tapes to each other.

Double Splice Tape as Tape Connectors for SMD – Tapes

  • Radial Tape Connectors
  • SMD – Splicing
  • TapeCover
  • Taper Extenders
  • Tape Caps
  • Splice Sheets

Spacer films for keyboard manufacture

One important sector in the electronic industry is the spacer film as a self-adhesive film for film keyboards.

The basic material consists of polyester carriers with acrylate adhesives in different thicknesses.

We manufacture individual die-cut parts in precision. We can manufacture them as rolled goods or single components, with or without peel-open tap.

Spacer films can also be delivered continuously as rolled goods in different width.

Laser cut former-plates
For manufacturing former plates different materials especially polyester films are laser cut.

Protection films made of Lupolen HX 1817
We deliver die-cut parts made of LD-PE-films Lupolen HX 1817 as protections films for electronics.
The company Dr D. Mueller GmbH uses the following materials for the manufacture of products: