Manufacturing for the general machine construction

We manufacture from thermoset materials for the general machine construction:

  • Insulating construction parts for the kiln- and machine construction
  • Heat insulation plate for heated press in the timber- and plastic manufacture, especially for injection moulding tools
  • Wall coverings, secondary insulations in kilns
  • Insulating for pipes, boilers and vessels for the steam generation
  • Floats, injectors, flumes, hot-top rings for the rod casting as well as for the profile extrusion in the aluminium industry
  • Electrical- and thermal insulating construction parts of any kind
  • Finished parts for insulations of all kind
  • Ground-, pressure- and insulating plates for the kiln- and press engineering
  • Pressure resistant insulations for heated press
  • Admittance, supports for transportation facilities of the glass- and ceramics industry
  • Bushing, discs, other insulating finished parts, also with metallic charge
  • Electro insulating for electric arc furnace
  • Insulating parts for induction constructions
  • Slide bars for the hot section
  • Front- and side plates for induction heating constructions

We use the following materials for the manufacturing of parts:

Phenolic resin- cotton laminated fabric

PF CC 201 (Hgw 2082)

This laminated fabric has very good mechanical properties because of the usage of 130 up to 200g/qm fine fabric. This construction quality is especially qualified for parts of high levels of difficulty. If the focus is on good electrical properties, the model Hgw 2082.5 is recommended. This model is manufactured by using special resins and electrolyte-free fabrics.


Epoxy resin glass laminated fabric (FR4, G10, G11)

EP GC 202 (Hgw 2372.1)

The physical properties of this quality are equal to these of the model 201. Furthermore it characterises by the special flame retardance as per the requirements to the flammability class UL94 V-0.

EP GC 201 (Hgw 2372)

Like all glass laminated fabric types, this quality also guarantees excellent mechanical and electrical values. Besides this the quality offers a low dielectric dissipation factor and lowest electrolytic corrosion effects to metals. It can be treated excellently by having a low tool wear.

EP GC 203 (Hgw 2372.4)

This quality should be used whenever high temperature resistance and mechanical strength is required. The maximum temperature of 180°C enables the use in the thermal class F and H. Even at 150°C the decline of its flexural strength is under 50%. We also provide models with a temperature resistance of 220°C. The cause of this high grade of thermal resistance is special resin combination.

Silicon resin glass laminated fabric

SI GC 202 (Hgw 2572)

If the thermal resistance needs to meet highest requirements, silicone resin glass laminated fabric should be used. It meets the requirements of the thermal class H (180°C).

Besides this we also manufacture articles of special high-temperature materials.