Transformer construction
Transformer construction
Transformer construction
Transformer construction

Transformer construction
The Dr D. Mueller GmbH delivers insulating parts and –components for the following transformers:

Small transformers
Chocking coils
Oil distribution transformers
Isolated high voltage instrument transformers
Dry transformers
Cast resin transformers
Magnetic coils (e.g. for superconductions or lifting magnets)

Our area insulating materials are used as layer insulations, cure insulations, barrier- and cover insulations in the transformer construction.

We manufacture spacers and coil bobbins as well as cylinders and bracings of plate materials.

We deliver spacers for cooling channels, tension rods, bracings and bars as cut, pultruted GRP profiles.

Furthermore we provide different prepregs.

We represent the company Cierre which has a wide product range of coil bobbins, socketing caps and accessory kits for the transformer construction.
We deliver the following products for power transformers:

DDP pipes
Thrust washers
Flexible insulating pipes
Edge protection
L-Profiles for frames
Burling tapes
Shield rings
Shield cylinders
Closed or opened support cylinders
Crouched high voltage terminal leads
Corrugated boards
L-section rings, caps and support elements
Cylinders (made of Mylar A, Nomex)

We provide the following for distribution- and special transformers:

Flexible insulating-/ die-cut parts
Bar tapes (adhered and ultra-welded)
Formed parts made of Nomex®
Corrugated boards

The following product group are interesting:

Transformer timber