Hard paper

There are different models of phenolic hard paper which became generally known as Pertinax:

Phenolic resin hard paper PF CP 201 (Hp 2061)

This quality has good mechanical strength and good electrical properties which are needed in the low voltage range. Since it is well-punchable up to a thickness of 2.5 mm, it is ideal for the manufacture of die-cut parts for the automobile electrics and it also suits as a metal-cutting treated assembly board in the switchboard construction. This quality is also used in the model building.

The phenolic resin hard paper PF CP 202 (Hp 2061.5) has high dielectric strength and because of that it is well-proven in the high voltage range.

PF CP 203 (Hp 2061.6) convinces with good dielectric properties and low water absorption.

A well-known brand name for hard paper is Pertinax.

It is possible to combine the material with other materials. A well-known material is for example gum hard paper which is used as a closure for condensers and other construction elements.

Many electricians use Pertinax for a long time and they like to use Pertinax when dealing with insulating tasks. Pertinax is also used as an air gap in the transformer construction, for example. But Pertinax is also often used while constructing support plates or similar in the model building.

The Dr D. Mueller GmbH manufactures numerous products made of Pertinax.