Mica is a clear transparent material (aluminosilicate) with a high dielectric strength, it is resistant against a constant service temperature of 550°C and its melting point is at ca. 1,250°C.

Furthermore mica is resistant against nearly all media, for example alkalis, mica chemicals, gases, oils and acids.

Mica belongs to an important and relative great group of minerals and is suitable for many applications.

Our customers use muscovite-mica and phlogopite-mica.

Muscovite-mica is a transparent material which is especially suitable for optical applications, e.g. mica washers for sight glasses and mica windows, but it can also be used as an electrical insulating material.

Phlogopite-mica is a grey-brown material and it is not suitable for optical applications.

Phlogopite-mica is very well-suitable as an electrical insulating material.

Our mica products

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